Vid says she is asleep. He is your senior. Randhir says yes for guiding us. Randhir is my bf and I love him so much. What will they do there? Randhir says no i will manage. Anju says I am coming to pick you up. Mai iske hi layk hu.

RS 30th Nov – Sanyu says you remember parth when randhir was having a doubt on us. When I met you first I thought sanyu has such good dad and brother. I think Nisha is a great actress and she can do a lot of characters then why not making her a more positive caracter coz i think we had enough of this egoistic Vids and i also think that without vidarth there is no spice in the show coz sandhir is the sweet, romantic and caring couple and vidarth is the passionet, strong and full of fire couple. Priyali will win… so called genius Mr. Parth says no one is here. Rajveer syas I feel comfortable with you so I forget you are my teacher.

Were no intentions of mine to hurt anyone This is how i ask sorry not as the duplicate had asked.

Parth says I got an idea. Randhir says give me one kiss. Huh u r really rude! Yoyo says when will a girl come in my life. Parth says stay quite.


Ranawt sees some grease on his hand and his freaks out. Sanyu and randhir sneak out, pkc stops them. Vid says he is always with us. Retrieved 6 December Yoyo sees it and is dazed. They are the fiesty and good to look at couple. PArth says i should come with you as well. Aisha 30th Nov – 1: Vidushi taunts at sanyu and says i wished i had excused on my mom and ranawt let me go. Miss ManiI asked dat cz I hv many frnds here n I wantd to talk to any1 of dem as I was missing dem ….

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She says I will put and end to your story like you ruined mine. Rajveer says who are you?

Randhir says I will come to pick you tomorrow. I also like vidarth a lot so the Cvs better change this track and make vidarth as a couple again. I wont go with such a team. Vidushi says i dont even wanna see your face, parth says so dont i. Sanyu and randhir hide under table. This site uses cookies. Shaurya spreads lies about Sanyu to her neighbors Thursday: Daksh 30th Nov – 8: I could handle that.


Sanyu says randhir was taking me to hospital. Sanyu says this is a surprise. Parth recovers from his coma. Renuka Sanyal Harsh Vashisht as Mr.

Sadda Haq 30th September 2014 Written Update Written Episode

You can meet an accident. No why the CVs always try to make Vids look like a villain?? SAnyu says you all are right, we dont have much time, lets celebrate and spend this time together.

Sanyu is about to eoisode. Retrieved 26 January I wish I had someone like that. Sanyu says okay I will come.

Harshvardhan Shekhawat Sharat Sonu as Bablu. Wah u made my day dearooooo thnx a lot! Sections of this page.