It hasn’t let up in almost 14 days. Sword cash good to have Got the weekend off now. I own top range Hanweis from the Tiger, tsunami, to cheness o katana, raptors, and the PPK series, all being brilliant Cutters. Sign up to receive special offers and promotions. Gonna get some stuff done tomorrow around the house. What has held me back from buying a Ronin is that they are looking like every generic Lonquan katana and I feel I have enough of that stuff.

Cold, damp, and rainy here. I got it tho , back in 09 before the prices went up. Jan 17, For the price of Euros it was a well done sword with attractive hamon. Back to work today. Ulrich wrote If it is out of the “H”-series the hamon should be real.

The RK series blades are forged from steel and have been differentially hardened to produce a real hamon. Great swords and service as well. Last day off for the weekend. Initial Impressions But i saw the reviews espeically from SBGand desruction test videos and didnt actually beleive what i was seeing. But i just wouldnt cutt with it because its too expensive to take the risk. Jan 18, 9: If it breaks during the course of reasonable and intended usage we will replace it with either the same or if unavailable, a similar model completely free of charge.


Adrian Jordan Global Moderator. Shipping from the Ronin Katana Warehouse in Texas within business days.

Ronin Katana RK Series

So they are robin for light multiple targets, such as thin water bottles and single tatami mats soaked is best. Introduction No pics yet, as im customizing it.

The tiger is an amazing sword to show off. But the ronin requires much more technique that something like a pc raptor. The cutting was brief, and judging from the destruction testthis sword can take on much much more.

So your looking around euros for that. Lacquered wooden saya with matching serkes sageo tied. Dear God, the rain indeed The Kris has a surprising presence for a shorter bladelength.

Ronin Katana Entry Level Model #11

This sword actuallu challenged me to cutt better. Kawashima i havent brought jatana when they first came out. Have once bought a DH Kawashima as a gift for a friend.

Shows what a dedicated brand can do. I have to be a little more on roniin, and put rojin little more into each swing. Funny enough im 6ft 2 with a strong build. I might piddle around in the workshop and make a Viking something or other.

OKC ” Slicing Knife. Got the weekend off now. Which means they tend to stick to well known brands as Hanwei CAS, and the odd cheness.


Anyway i wish to test the sword again. I’m located in Alabama and the flooding here right now is insane. I love the rain Also, lighter blades do indeed cause me to slightly change my cutting habits when I use them.

Contact us with your order details to receive an RMA number. Anybody want to swap their flat-bottom boat for a couple of swords? Ive handeld many swords, some of the heavy duty cutters i own, always did everything well, but the weight put me off.

Ronin Katana – Entry Level Model #11 – RK-RK | BA Blades

Love em both for different reasons. In fact your right about swin power. Adrian Jordan Global Moderator Posts: So when i saw Ronin for sale, at one of the biggest online sellers, i gave it a go.

Zero Celcius with some freezing rain making everything slick. Your statutory rights are not affected.