The story has been written by Farhat Ishtiaq and has been directed by the very talented Mehreen Jabbar. It would have been great to hear him say that he will not repeat do to Rabi what he did to Kulsoom. We were told these were real stories that were related to the writer by Kashf Foundation. Having said all of the above there are certain things that no one can be faulted for and one of them is acting. I found her to be extremely unbearable. Shameem is listening to them and is scared if Waseem allows the marriage. Vasim has an affair with her for about years and the mohalle wale say nothing to Noor Jahan and her mother?

In this way Shameem gets freedom or Rehaai from the society’s evil traditions making the show end on a happy note. Akmal throws it at him and leaves. She tells Shehnaz that even though she gave birth to the girls, Shehnaz is the one who raised them. Vasim goes home to find Akmal and Kulsoom alone and all hell breaks. I work for Kashf Foundation and was a part of the conception of this show. He takes Shazi to the doctor and brings her home.

Another memorable performance has been added to his portfolio. Shameem’s sister has a son Akmal.

What did you guys think? Characters like Akmal are a rare species. Akmal was missed but we would see him in the next episode.

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The drama depicts a different sort of a mother-in-law. This serial is a picture of one of our societal issue and it is important to concentrate on it because it affects so many lives.

Saniya acted brilliantly, her expressions were spot on. Can this be figured out,? More articles by admin. The very next day Shehnaz’s sister comes and asks Kulsum’s daughter’s hand for her son.


What was the point?

Rehaai rehhaai the story of Shamim, a woman married off when she was barely more than a child. Inayat offers up his own preteen child, Kulsoom as the bride, asserting that a younger woman can produce heirs much faster than an older woman such as Shehnaz.

But it looks too much for me! Saniya, as Kulsoom, was adorable as well.

Waseem does not earn even a single penny and so their condition becomes from bad to worse tehaai of which Shameem is forced to become a maid. The bond between Kulsoom and Shehnaz is one that I have never seen before. Three women dared to take up their own responsibility and succeeded in changing not just their fate but of the next generation as well.

I totally agree with your reservations about showing it prime time … It is a very good effort and I think Farhat Ishtiaq and Mehreen Jabbar have made a very brave effort and so far have succeeded in making a compelling first effort for such a tough subject. He had asked Kulsoom for forgiveness in the last episode and divorced her so she could be free to marry Akmal as soon as her iddat is over.

Vasim is wasting all of his money on NJ and Khala disgusting, while his own family 2 wives, 3 daughters, and a mother are left with little or nothing. Viewers can see this serial every Monday at 8: Despite being dependant on them, he still has the guts to be arrogant.

Rehaai — Last Episode Sheeba. The couple is having trouble conceiving and Waseem wants to take in another, much younger wife. But Akmal could not see their condition draka helps them secretly. Shamim also asks Kulsoom for this sacrifice and Kulsoom does grants that wish.

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His maturity and sense of responsibility is definitely drwma. The story is inspired from the many stories of our clients that we have come across in the past 18 years of working with low-income women in Pakistan. His performance was splendid. In this way Shameem gets freedom or Rehaai from the society’s evil traditions making the show end on a happy note.


The story has been written by Farhat Ishtiaq and has been directed by the very talented Mehreen Jabbar. Police attacks them and Waseem gets shot by a gun because of which he is handicapped. The story follows the consequences caused by this child marriage. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He perfectly portrayed a man who was swallowed by his ego and then succeeded in his struggle to come out of it. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. However now it has just become another run of the mill story where women are victimized.

She is a gem of an actress, moulding herself in any character she plays.

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After Kulsoom and Akmal finally get married, Vasim talks to his mother about going to Kashf Foundation for help with the business. I hope you enjoy the rest of the show. However, this accident has brought him close to his adorable daughters who constantly try to give him company and help him out.

I found her to be regaai unbearable. Danish Taimoor was truly the best choice for an amazing character like Akmal.