KA, Won, Tan, Yoon wait anxiously at the hospital in front of the operation center. Finally, I will leave my comments. Keep up the good work jooni. Give up your stocks and return to the US. At her house, ES reads a letter that Tan has left with an owl doll. When Won said you lose your guard on protecting ES from all this madness, he means KT should have known about this fiasco. Tan and ES walk hand in hand.

JS says if she has time for his, then KA should pay more attention to her son. I just have to say I love, lee min ho he is sooooo handsome and such a ladies man. He has made it all this way keeping his tears in, but at the sight of Eun Sang, the flood gates start to break, and the heat rises in his chest. He finds ES in the theater. I know what my parentage and my confession means to everyone. He really made me cry.

Kim Tan whose life keeps becoming more miserable because of me. ES tells BN that her mom is a maid. R asks if ES knows how zealous YD is with anything concerning ES, and he replies of course not- it would be embarrassing.

YD you must stop being mean protect her u silly …. She might lose her job and end up homeless and jobless too. Tan gets his notebook mailed back from his teacher from the US. Inside the house, ES notices the guards in front of the stairwell too. Going back here in the States is a mistake. But it really does not matter because I buy them and read the subtitles for hours watching episodes after episodes.

Choi Young Do knows everything. In my review on the last episode of this drama I said what makes me watch this drama every week is the unpredictability of it. Please stay us up to date like this.

Unfortunately, nobody is showing up at this meeting as Won, Tan, and Yoon wait. YD drives ES home on his motorcycle.


KA wants to officially end the engagement between Tan and R- this is what she and Tan wants. Just a network of acquaintances. Won replies that he has eoisode. ES walks into the convenience and browses the milk section. Joonni, love your banner! He loves and protect Eun Sang even if that love will cause him pain and sadness. Tan asks if she was hurt. Episove Cha Eun Sang.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 11

R tells him to stop paying attention- why is he playing the role of fiance now? Because just your own problems are too overwhelming for you. Tan says it was nice to see her in his dreams. Notify me of new posts via email. YD was ashamed of the whispers and shame that would follow him if he told KT the truth and was afraid to reap their friendship on mutual problems, so he rejected Tan and alienated him, causing this rift. High school is a little bit back further for me than I would like to admit, but I remember thinking very similar thoughts about the boys in my class.

Love is selfish, of course it is, because love is possessive. She immediately takes it, and Tan cries out that she should be holding his hand with her heart, not with strength.

He warns YD to not flirt with Jooonni, and then leaves quietly with the suits. The upcoming scene reminds me ofthe sweet and passionate kiss of Secret Garden. She looks at him silently, feeling what he feels, as he struggles to breathe with the tears rising in scattere throat and his chest squeezing in pain. Twitter Updates RT dmtroll: If he regrets this decision after he lives a bit, then he will plead. Yet, because of Eun Sang, Tan is dreaming of a world different than what he was born into and told would never change.


Notify me of new comments via email. ES asks what Tan wished for on his birthday. Notify me of new posts via email. Tan smiles at this, and he asks her to hold his hand.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 9 | Scattered Joonni

Kim Tan who only dreams of Eun Sang to be his world. I like at same time hates his personality with regards on how he loves Eun Sang. She must be your birth mom. Without asking or knowing anything about him you would just, well trust that handsome but with lonely eyes face. Flashback- Tan trying to grab YD to show him something at this food place, but YD has refused, calling him a bastard.

He asks why she like horror movies. BN turns to do it, but CY moves refap face, and gets a kiss on the lips. That the peace that he has to keep is one in which Tan, Won, and dad are always on guard against one another, suspicious.

When Yoon explains that he and CY came fishing because the final exams are done, Won sxattered reminded jjoonni ask Tan about his result.

Now they just have to wait for Chairman Kim to wake up.

Then he YD drops ES into pool. Tan replies he is playing his part as a friend. BN tries to stop R. ES says she is sorry for liking Tan. She will do it by grades. If you want to bother me, go ahead.

He asks what YD is coming from that direction, the direction of where his house is.