I’m good, son Whatever it may be They look pathetic ‘She won’t eat us up! What is it, Marudheera? What grace and poise! Kama is right there by Sama Did you eat? I have never seen any girl in this world

Vijay , Shruti Haasan. Like the ‘mundu’ worn by the women of Kerala Fully draped and not revealing Like the attire of the women of Maharashtra Covering and not concealing Like the sari-clad women of Tamil Nadu Revealing and yet concealing Covered and still opened This is the metre for poetry In that way you are Go now, I’ll see you in the evening I’ll make sure you get your wages Looks like they won’t let me complete the sacred vow Is someone else dressing up like us? What is the buffalo flirting with the mouse for? Puli wastes Sridevi on a silly, boring fantasy. I unite you both’ Marudheera What is this? You’ve got yourself a place in history I’ve heard of bears spitting But this is the 1st time a turtle has spat on a man I’m so proud of you Here, please eat Thank you Just a small bit will do Last a whole day Alpha and Beta are here But where is Kama?

Muthuraj as the production designer. It’s the same in our land The demons rule Ordinary people are our captives Very true “Ruler of fantasia, emperor Lord of love, enchanter” “South Indian, chivalrous Crossing seas treacherous” “Expert, brainy and brilliant As strong as an elephant” “He shoots an arrow deftly vwta a rainbow” “Without a knife or bloodshed you will kill with your eyes instead” “Princess Mandakini Future queen is she” “Do you need a golden mountain Englosh a chiselled statue of a woman?

Vijay’s film is a visual treat, but the screenplay is disappointing”.

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We can But who will carry them? Come on, share” “He tugged and hugged” “God forbid! Kama is right there by Sama Did you eat? This looks like it leads to hell How do we cross this? The time when the cat crossed Marudheeran fights Jalatharangan and kills him, avenging his father’s death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He didn’t tell me where he was going Take your hand off my shoulder We are caught, huh?

If you whistle, a frog called ‘Pachai vaayan’ will guide us I thought only a leader shows the way Even a frog can, huh?

My horse isn’t moving It’s scared of something What did it see? When you saw that Cyclops I repeatedly asked you to drink it You drank the water instead and with bravado faced him eye to eye!

Don’t know, Marudheera You must take his place and look after our welfare There is a rumor about sacrifice and full moon night Pavalamalli was also born on a full moon night You must only save our land that’s enslaved And rescue my daughter from those barbaric monsters We can win them over only through trickery Your father was very skilled in the art of disguise In the subtitlee way you should also disguise yourself like a demon Then enter the Vethal palace and bring my daughter back I have engllsh necessary self confidence But how can I handle them with mere human power?


Useless chameleon, faster Let us not wait any longer The 3 demons who came to destroy the land of the Villiputs And pul talking bird I hereby order the spider with its poisonous tentacles to kill them Father, stop If you look at the demon’s eyes, he doesn’t seem evil Why don’t we inquire first and then punish them?

It’s you On my way I saw 4 or 5 demons So what? But before he dies, Jalatharangan opens his ring, releasing all the evil magical power so that Yavanarani englissh continue to rule Vedhalapuram as a tyrantess without his control after his death. On the pretext of being medicine makers, Marudheeran, Kodangi and Sama enter the Vedhalapuram palace, where they meet Enhlish Sridevithe cruel Queen of Vedhalapuram who is also a sorceress.

KarthikeyanAnitha Karthikeyan. Even I am puzzled How did you combat such an ogre of a demon?

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That you sport a dual moustache Who else in this whole world will be so daringly different? You call her sister once more I’ll pickle you to pieces Come out Till my 3rd baby is born don’t cross my path After the 4th baby?

The door has been shut This Mock turtle could have kept his mouth shut Kodangi, foolish people speak nonstop Most of it will be sheer nonsense The wise will speak less But his words will make a lot of sense Take your hands off!

To find the way to Vethala fort- What’s his name? To close our chapter of course What is your Oracle saying, Beta? Later, Marudheeran finds out that he himself is a Vedhalam.

I have never seen any girl in this world The assailant from Kangini Desam who has come to destroy you It is our tradition for us to clink our glasses with those of our guests Clink all you want To our flights of fancy Why should we bathe because of your flights of fancy?

Confidence will never abate” “Tomorrow will be our day of victory” “With your right foot step ahead be true to your name, young friend” “Ingwe, Kaplan, seua, huli piling, lodaya, tasha, puli” “To the sky leaping from ground the tiger prowls, noses around” “Tigru, tiger, tygr, teigr tigri, tigear, tygrys, tiger” Come, Marudheera Greetings, chief How are you? The first trailer for Puli was released online on 19 August.


Will these invisible people be clothed or not? Marudheeran also finds out that Yavanarani is actually a puppet Queen under the influence of evil magical power emanating from Jalatharangan’s ring. The demons have taken Pavalamalli to their palace They went this way Marudheera Sir Don’t blow the frog away Let’s look up what’s written again ‘Pachai vaayan’ will appear If a man who is married but not consummated his marriage You are in for trouble even if you fill a cup! They might think they are anyway invisible and not wear anything at all Then even the girls- What are you looking for?

None indeed Son-in-law, let us postpone your wedding night for 3 days No one will walk away with the water from the well Can I just fill 1 pail of well water for the time being? You’ve got yourself a place in history I’ve heard of bears spitting But this is the 1st time a turtle has spat on a man I’m so proud of you Here, please eat Thank you Just a small bit will do Last a whole day Alpha and Beta are here But where is Kama?

After a bitter sword fight with the Queen, he manages to destroy the staff, thus restoring the Queen to her normal self. Doesn’t our village boast of daredevil men at all? It performed well overseas [5] but underperformed domestically.

You look like ‘poetry in motion’ I must say, you look like a chiselled work of art Your sari drapes that layer You’re turning me into a slayer Alright Forget it So what else is happening? Get lost, man Why is your hand full of blisters? Ilayathalapathy’s holds well on Friday.

Shankar MahadevanM. We shrunk his garments also That is what he means Total 11 seeds and 1 root Beyond that, the secret should be under wraps Happy, Sama? The film showcases Vijay in dual roles as demon prince and powerless demon. Where could she be?

Soldier, remove his fangs Thank God! I might as well have been stuck in the jaws of a demon Think of it as mint ‘chutney’ and lick it quick, anna Yuck! Marudheeran was the son of Pulivendhan Vijaythe late prince of Vedhalapuram and Yavanarani’s younger brother.