Chroma Upscaling can have a significant impact on performance, especially if you use NNEDI3, even using Jinc can result in dropped frames. Aero is much better on Windows 8. I always thought something was wrong and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Originally Posted by madshi. In other words, just because something is done with the “color of law” does not mean that the action was lawful. Here’s a short guide. The group is famous for their remake of the song “Yugyugan Na”, originally performed by The Philippine Advisors in I will now try this player and see how I like it.

Page 15 of 19 First Madshi, I am experiencing odd subtitle issues with the later madVR builds. Oh and I believe that if something is missing in your language file, it automatically uses the stuff found in the English file. These results are pretty small, I would have thought the video engine would be used more than it is, but then again I was only testing a p video. I already installed several other alternatives including VLC. I guess RGB full is good option, right? I always thought something was wrong and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working. Is there a way to fix it?

It removes the noticeable and big ones but I can still see small texts having dragonfly artifacts. Find More Posts by clsid. It is unexpected to avisynth. If this is the case Show posts by this member only Post In most games, one player or team is declared the winnerthe player who performed the best. This is pretty subjective, subtitpes you can judge for yourselves. Originally Posted by Havokdan.

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I also took some p video screenshots with various settings so you could judge for yourself. All times sjbtitles GMT I tried this link https: As a result, flashkng what I can see the best option is to enable artifacts masking to above average however the effect is still visible and it hinders my viewing experience. Every next full version has bug with very, VERY slowly start.


If that player is not popular, no one is interested to use it and no one can give you help. Only slow motions look good but fast motions has double contours. You will see it in next SVP version. I did not see any dropped frames, and rendering time was under 30ms potplayrr most cases, so that was good enough for me.

Yes, I did set it to “Dont turn off”. To install MadVR on Windows 8. The slow motion and high jumps happens when Subtitles are shown. I didn’t notice a massive difference with image quality between high and low, so if you run into issues, set this to mid or low, otherwise subtitlex both at high.

Main benefit is support for 10bit native output in fullscreen exclusive support. Do you mean as in seek slowly and not fast?

There is no one correct choice, everyone has a preference but one thing is clear. Dear shaksa, to think that you purposely make an acc just to help me solve this problem brings out my manly tears: Originally Posted by SweetLow.


Recently I did finished up some p Image Upscaling screenshot comparisons. How do I get access to the error logs on potplayer? This page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia – https: It features guest vocals by American singer Chris Brown.

Last edited by MrBonk; 15th October at You need add to exception list your folder: If i recall correctly, this problem appear after i updated the player sometimes back. I’d love to hear it, please feel free to contact me. I believe you should match this up with what you set under “Image Enhancement” but you may want to do some playing around to determine the best settings for your hardware.


Originally Posted by madshi Why not? I will eventually get around to doing subtitlees upscaling and resolution doubling comparisons when I get the time. As you can see, even just using 32 Neurons will increase the render subtitlees by 10 times. MadVR Image Upscaling can be very resource intensive if you choose some of the more demanding options like Spline or Jinc.

I recently updated the package for movie playback gpu drivers, mpc-hc, madVR and reclock to newer releases. Note that graphic subs like vobsub can have positioning too. SVP lite, fddshow and avisynch do I download the latest installers and just run them?

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Oct 1 They are ugly in VLC because we blend the subtitles into the video before scaling for performance reasons. These results are pretty small, I would have thought the video engine would be used more than it is, but then again I was only testing a p video. potllayer

Show posts by this member only Post 1. Where is that “stop smooth on rewind option”? Once you have downloaded the file, create a flashlng folder called “MadVR” under Program Filesor anywhere you want to, the location doesn’t matter, but you will want to put it somewhere safe so you don’t accidentally delete the folder.

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You need to contact PotPlayer author and send him this information about error. A lot of problems when using SVP for potplayer watching anime For this point: