Humans, Pokemon, and aliens– Why don’t we find a way to all live together? Brycen-Man, the Masked Man Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. But a threatening shadow looms over this happy place Why hasn’t E contacted me? Make sure you hit the foe! Remember Me Forgot Password. We have the power!

Let all of your Pokemon be knocked out in 10 scenes. However, I do not think it is possible to defeat Monica on episode 4. It’s just a bunch of garbage! What’s going on here? Don’t attack your foe! However, if you deviate from the script, say things out of character but don’t fail the mission, then you will get the “Strange” ending of the movies. Also, for suggesting an easier method to surviving the “Full Metal Cop” series.

Rescue anyone under attack, and get survivors to a safe place.

Pok├ęstar Studios

Therefore, in order for us to live shudios, what is necessary is to eliminate all humans and Pokemon. Are you trying to tell me that you come from the past?

Just as I planned, the mothership will soon be landing. You’ve ruined the UFO! Wjite the Japanese version, it is called “PokeWood” Where is PokeStar Studios?

Just like a Scientist to get all excited whenever you talk znd something scientific Stop right there, Brycen-Man! For me to lose to a pathetic little kid like you Pay attention to the foe’s type! I can’t pay that!


Pokestar Studios

However, sometimes it can vary, such as if it is a Good Ending on the final part of a series. What is this madness? It has the Poison Orb that will start to make it lose HP, often fainting it before the last scenes. When you first told me to make it small enough to fit inside a capsule the size of a person’s hand, I thought you were asking the impossible, but somehow we managed to pull it off!

You can’t do anything on your own.

Pokemon Black Version 2 PokeStar Studios FAQ for DS by MKaykitkats – GameFAQs

The last hope is a door to the past! If pokesar played as a male and saw differences, please notify me so I may update it!

The mothership will soon be landing. Focus on the mission, not the people.

Making Movies When you moovies to make the movies, you walk into an area with a green screen and often face up against a person in a motion capture suit.

Hold it right there!

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There’s no use in saying sorry! It’s fine to talk about ideals. We aliens, who are superior life-forms, will live here. Use a move Flying type is weak to!

You’ll be done if the UFO catches you! Give me back my Pokemon! What are they up to? A hero has appeared on the scene!


So you can try this too Bad Ending: And my glasses are safe and sound, too! A challenge from a thief is an ingenious trap. I can’t believe that the fate of my research is being jeopardized by a pair of glasses!

It’s heading in this direction I’ll treat you to a special grooming today!

From an old Team Plasma Grunt and a new Team Plasma Grunt in the movie theater for whote a strange ending or a good ending with a high enough box-office gross. This page pomestar last edited on 17 Marchat Use a Ghost Pokemon to ensure you cannot be hurt by it! The person who identified herself as E Use a move with high power! Some strange coolant gas is seeping out of the capsule your time machine is in Determine the SFX Prop’s type! Your opponent is a Level 15 Pawniard.

Mirror Coat “You give up! The amount of items you receive also may increase depending upon your current rank.

Use your foe’s attack!