Once the LPIF started, any changes in that proportion were not related to anything we’ve done necessarily. Lettere Italiane, 20, , p. IV, Province du Brabant, , p. You are currently spending presumably millions of dollars on services outside of the regulated system, is that right, like a music downloading system that you launched recently. Wallach au sujet des Libri L’a. Because I think you would lose the incentive aspect of what I just explained. Phi- lologus, , , p. Other mss cited are:

De cuius littoris medio fluit in mare per duas fauces flumen Tyberim, super quod flumen longe a littore ml. Inde ad Raselgibel, caput sinus Cartaginis quondam magne ciuitatis, et Tunissi. Infra pre- fatum sinum extenduntur due insule uno ordine iuxta riueriam sinus, ab euro in circio una, altera uero foras in occasu duas paruas et duas ad latus eius quasi in media facie eius. IL 55 et Sienne, B. Drongen, alias Tronchien- nes ; The author refers to and cites the mss:

Suc, 1; Milan, B. Tyberis ad cuius introitus est turns pulcherrima pulchra Hov. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present the point of view of Cogeco Cable as part of this public hearing on the review of the LPIF.

Inter portum et Segnam iuxta riueriam due insule, et foras contra portum in occasu et foras insulam Arbam due deprope iacentes una ab altera ab oriente in plhs. Habet hic portus in occasu insulam Gorgonam longe ml.

Laudian manuscripts, by H. Chairman, I think we have already provided our response to that question. Later examples in English and Flemish mss are basically of two variations, before the later conical hat wins complete supremacy. Deinde quasi per centum milliaria a rupe est insula quae dicitur Serfent, quae est Margariti Gesta reg.

Jihocesky sbornik historicky, 41,p. Turtusa quae est insula in mari quae dicitur Aredos, unde Turtusa dicitur ciuitas Antaradensis, ciuitas episcopalis Gesta reg. Bellr when I look at this chart and I look at the depreciation line, it actually shows that the depreciation has been declining and not ehtier up.


So I’m just curious to know what provisions you have put in place in the event it was discontinued September or is discontinued September 1st of this year. We’re not at 5 percent yet but we hope to be by the end of the five year plan.

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The Broadcasting Act establishes that we have a mandate to go into local and it establishes that as a priority. Y I 13; Oxon. Redit riueria a predicto sinu in oriente, aquilone et septemtrione, faciens sinum maris Burdegali quod angustat terram contra austrum cum riueria Nerbonense prouincie Gallie maris Mediterranei, ut prescripsimus, per ml.

We also wrestle with the market fragmentation created by digital media, as well as the high capital costs of making the HD transition.

Inde ad Bugeam ciuitatem. Estque ualde necessarium quod naues non elongent se a terra, donee praeterierint illud peri- culum. Caput uero occidentale huius sinus uocatur caput Fari There are about three questions that you have asked in a row, and I am just going to try to deal with them. Edinburgh, Scottish Press,xi p.

Beelle English English Studies,p. Inde ad caput Crucis. Describit enim situm, oportunitatem, jura, caeteraque cujusque loci, turn cui Domino pareant6. And retail is off budget. So what would be the PBIT that would allow you to do capital conversion and exist? A Tripoli extenditur riueria in oriente et parum uersus eurum usque ad Ras- careni, caput introitus sinus Tini.

Nomina autem qua- rundam principalium insularum sunt haec Gesta reg. Could you do more by concentrating your efforts in the regions a little bit more, and spending fewer of your resources in the major metropolitan areas that are already well served by private broadcasters?

Inde ad Vallem de Stagno eisode.

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Ex predicto Tharto fuit beatus Paulus, unde legitur: A Portu Magno predicto ad ostium porti Laa et insulam eius que foris portu iacet, computantur mi. A montibus Gani procedit riueria usque contra caput Paris, ubi mare angustatur ml. Yes, that is what I was saying. Well, ejtier television services adopted such technologies, like Overdrive, many years ago. Diese vier werden hin- sichtlich der Entstehung, Aufgaben und Benutzung ihrer Handbibliotheken be- trachtet und miteinander verglichen S.


Kodikologisches zur Handschrift episoxe Dans la liste 31, par ex. Datos demogrdflcos sobre los musulmanes en el siglo XV. However, the aforementioned publication is the recorded verbatim transcript and, as such, is transcribed in either of the official languages, depending on the language spoken by the participant at the hearing.

NTV has spent millions of dollars to make itself competitive through the implementation of HD upgrades at our studio and transmitter facilities in St. I can easily argue, as well, that maybe we just don’t need it any more.

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In particular, it is episkde the public interest that viewers in French-language markets are not disadvantaged by the smaller size of those markets. It encourages journalists, technicians, artists, outside productions companies, and it really has an economic impact on the community. Is the recession over, I think with regards television markets we are showing that we are still not back up to levels as well.

Ili, Rome,p. Edenda instituit Eduardus Schwartz, continuavit Johannes Straub. So 11 times our local newscast has gone out into various communities. X contains sections one through 4 of the excerpta Eboracensia of the Elder Pliny’s Natura- lis Historia. Ab Africa, ut diximus, ad Caputim, ml. Baldassarri Guidoscheda rif.