In Nunavut we have 25 communities. Torrent file What happened to the torrent file??? Il y a l’Amber Alert. Les gens regardent ces avis ailleurs? I think you’ll find in one of the surveys that we conducted for a response to interveners, we do in fact ask that question. But it could go either way. Unfortunately, the reality was all other. Chairman, it is because the CRTC has invited all of us to be here and to present arguments as to why 9 1 h should apply to us.

The Guignols are known for introducing popular catch phrases or satirising politicians and they have a large influence on French popular culture. The applicant has submitted a copy of the corporate document, which will be added to the publication examination file of its application. The residents buy a package from the cable companies, and the information that we have from the co-op system is that there is about 47 percent penetration of the market. We don’t– we can’t, because we don’t have access to the numbers, tell you know by how much it’s marked up. Je n’ai pas les chiffres concrets pour vous donner, malheureusement. If you follow the logic, though– imagine a completely different marketplace, radio. I believe we did and I think we asked it, if you look at our original license application back in , we had to provide a survey on nothing– you know, that was focused entirely around that question.

J’essayais justement de voir dans votre demande That is the important thing to point out again. I coudn’t find it in any other site.

But when you ask more broad-based questions associated to what kind of content they’re looking for and whether they think Canadian content, which is really the objective feplay the Broadcasting Act, should be carried on a mandatory basis, they have a very clear and unequivocal opinion about that and the answer is “yes”. We are viewed in the communities through either over-the-air low-power transmitters or local cable by agreement with the cable providers.

We want to enable, you know, French-speaking Canadians to be able to speak in French and we would like English-speaking Canadians to understand them, and vice-versa. So your costs would be higher because of increased service, if we deny you, you are not getting bie any more than you have now.

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So in reality, the ticker only started counting as of the end of Well, you know, maybe I’m just a bit of a dreamer, but I would like– I will give you an example. That’s what I’m hearing between the lines. The purpose here was why should this be funded by subscribers and your view is elected officials at the federal and provincial level aren’t will to support this.


Only showed 1 seed and 2 peers, but speed is decent so far. We will take the information, we will broadcast it today and we will broadcast it tomorrow and we will broadcast it next week. This is we are entitled to our own– they are entitled to present their opinions, but the facts and underpinning those opinions are related to things that are going on in the news. They were all just a figure with no explanation of what those costs might be?

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And at the time our ratings were six times what Rogers were, so it’s hard to– CityNews were, so it’s very hard to say that that was a consumer-driven olus. Canadians from across the country will use smartphones, tablets, laptops and any other connected devices to engage directly with FUSION and each other. Well, it was our decision; it was our understanding in an exchange with the CRTC that it was the way to proceed. I know you understand that, but others following this hearing may not that under the Broadcasting Act, of course, we exercise our jurisdiction in a manner that’s consistent with the principles of freedom of expression.

Is that every game that was released for the Ninendo DS.

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Why not a television channel entirely devoted to public safety? They just never would. And then we find links because, you know, as different as we are we’re similar, okay. The CRTC’s policy requires that a service seeking such an order must clearly demonstrate its exceptional nature and that it achieves important public policy objectives under the Act. Vice-Chair, Commissioners and staff, good morning and thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today.

Well, but if you are talking about the business plan around this, you know, the fees and subscription fees and things that we have recommended are all including that as a part of it.

We are committing seventy percent of subscription and advertising revenues to original Canadian programming. Parties ka at the oral phase of this hearing may be asked to provide responses to questions from the Commission at the hearing and will be given until May 2nd to do so. ADR va le faire. You know, kids don’t have jobs.


So Blele guess you would disagree with me when I read on page 19 of the report where the people surveyed, about 46 percent said they felt strongly that access– access to every Canadian cable and news channel should be a component of the Canadian broadcasting system and there is another 34 percent that felt somewhat strongly about this. AJawesomesauce – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – October 21, Subject: In Nunavut we have 25 communities.

So we already know that we have, even before we launch, hundreds of students, probably thousands of students across the country, who are already, one, familiar with the concept of FUSION; and two, just itching to get their material on. Found magnet link Found this link when trying to figure out how to get this collection. Coup de foudre au prochain village Interested to see how olus blossoms between a city girl and a country boy?

Frank was explaining how some of this works. Are you offering percent Canadian programming.

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It’s, I would say, 99 percent in English. It might be excellent. First of all, we don’t want to be seen as a channel that endorses any sector of natural resources.

The Guignols are known for introducing popular catch phrases or satirising politicians and they have a large influence on French popular culture. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived.

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