Despite all the efforts of his mother, Paolo still chooses to play video games and ignore everything his Mom gives him. Paul is a young boy who always disagrees with the strictness of his father. Matanglawin since Salamat Dok since Swak na Swak since Nicolas is a young boy who grew up with a wealthy lifestyle. A story that will teach the importance of parents’ guidance, and how important it is as children to obey them. A girl named Cacai Mika Dela Cruz wants to be a lady. Los Bastardos since Playhouse since Wansapanataym since Mai-mai is a playful child who always gives excuses so that she could play with her friends.

Because of her eagerness to earn more, Jingle disobeys her father’s principle and enters the business of selling smuggled Christmas decorations. Pam is a girl who neglects all of her pets because of her longing for her overseas working mother. When an inscription on the mirror is read, two identical versions of herself appear. Has a similarity to Clockstoppers. Maita is a young girl who has poor eyesight. A loving daughter named Sandy always helps her mother in their eatery.

Paulo Jason Abalos is a grouchy and lonely man who chose to drown himself at work to forget his misfortunes.

Their mother Bing Loyzaga was brought to a psychiatric institution so her aunt Rubi had taken care of her. An episode that will teach kids and their families about the importance of helping others. With this, Jessie, a boy that adores Irene so much and the two fairies’ favorite letter sender, gets disappointed with her. Leny was good and polite while Lena was mean and selfish. They need to find the treasure that will finally be able to let him rest completely.

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Boyong’s powers as a tikbalang are strength and speed. Views Read Edit View history. Because of her sleeping problems, Audrey is given a dreamcatcher that can protect her from her bad dreams. Vanessa wants to be invisible so that she won’t be always commanded by her mother. Minnie is the elder sister of the young genius named Edison and the special friend of Benson.


Her grandma follows her and needs to find a way on how to get the magical “suyod” while Lisa is distracting the queen of being a princess. An episode that will teach kids the value of a father’s love and sacrifice. Allan is a little boy who is on the verge of losing his scholarship.

Matanglawin since Salamat Dok since Swak na Swak since One day, he and his best friend Gwen Angel Sy went to the school library. A teenage guy suffers a car accident and gets his left leg fractured, leaving him miserable, but he will soon experience an extraordinary event that will change everything about him.

In which later, Cara married the man of her dreams and lived happily ever after with her father, husband and twin daughters.

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Will he finally understand and believe in Christmas when he experiences to do Santa Claus’ duties? A dwarf named Pampam begins to help the sisters secretly because of pity and his special admiration for Petra. Louie, a kid was given magical biton by a mysterious man. Will Buboy realize the importance of animals and insects when he is punished to become a human spider because of his bad attitude? Kate is a little girl who has a habit of saving her money and keeping it in a piggy bank.

Monica, an ugly nerd woman fell in love with Yoshi, the campus crush, but was discouraged. It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others.

Carl is a young boy who is very close to his father. Replay of episode 56 Cast: Because of this, Dolly gets into trouble after one of the people she insulted punishes her. As she continues to kill and ruin all the plants that her mom planted, Rose discovers that there are magical pixies looking after their garden.


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Some of the problems she solved was to rescue a jeepney stuck in mud. Los Bastardos since Playhouse since Wansapanataym since He lives a happy life with his parents, who have taught him that having compassion is enough to make a person a superhero. At the same night, the stepmother’s dance instructor seduces Inday into getting her stepmother into kidnapping Inday. Until one day, she meets two playful dwarves who will make her drain out her own energy.

Super K heard the gunshot that was fired from Horje’s gun. He is later punished, which is being turned into a rat himself. However, the young man’s mother disapproves of their relationship and even threatens Jasmin, lerfecto forces them to part ways.

As Irene becomes a full-grown woman, she gets much attention from people, especially from boys, due to her charm and wit.

The turtle was revealed as magical and gave Kikay the power to save all mankind and sea creatures. An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals.

As a reward for her good deed, the piggy bank mysteriously comes to life and bursts out a lot of money. Unlike previous revivals, this one focuses on adaptations based on “komiks” in the first season. Carl was cleaning the car one day, when Karen took Julian and Carl and locked them inside! His guardian angel Denise Laurel accidentally fell from the sky but will try to change him from having a bitter to a happy life.