Those who watched were and are absorbed and captivated by the story. Meanwhile, the Angel of Death has amnesia. The manager lied, pinochio syndrome did not lie – he thought he saw, actually Jong-Seok’s mother lied, Jong-Seok lied to the old man who lost his son.. Also, if he had lied, wouldn’t there be people to say that he did? Like I would miss a good drama just because of a bad kiss. I personally cringe at it, but I understand why people do not mind it. The King Has Donkey Ears [nb 6]. Lots of humor and lots of hurt, pain and anger..

Hope it’s not an exact copy. This is a really sealed-in-the-heart one. Ooh, i’m liking this a lot. Tbh people there were just looking for someone to blame, that Pinnochio guy just happened to solve their problem, like you said the logical thing would have been to think rationally but if you have people left and right looking for scapegoat it becomes impossible, from that coward fire fighter boss to the cold hearted news reporters to the victims families everybody was looking for someone to take responsibility, this is I think what they call a mob mentality and it still happens to this day around the world. Your email address will not be published. But the manager sent ALL of those firefighters inside to look for them…. Although a part of me just thinks that’s a testament to how awesome he is miss him. They would have been able to refute the manager’s lie.

As far as the kissing issue, I was joking around since it has become a running gag of sorts.

I was also surprised when GF said that the antenna figure was a girl in pigtails, cause I kakai totally seen a Joseon court official in a hat with the little side-wings ha ha. I heave a sigh of relief that people really are not as simple and as easily led as the makjang make them out to be. Little In-ha gets prodded by her father Shin Jung-geun to answer his question truthfully. Hats off to Dii. Retrieved November 19, What kind of sick people accuses a fire chief who dedicates his life in saving others of killing his own men?


Choi Gong-pil 20 episodes, Search for ” Pinocchio ” on Amazon.

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Looking forward to the next episode! Mika November 13, at 8: I was expecting this show to be blegh considering negative commentary regarding Park Shin Hye’s acting and Doctor Stranger’s ability to diminish my love for Lee Jong Seok but the recap reveals potential.

Park Shin Hye, I doubted her for getting into school uniform yet again but the screencaps of her few minutes are of her sneering, scoffing and being rude I like the idea of being unable to lie.

You just get bothered by it mentally. Ooh, i’m liking this a lot. Although I will not be manipulated into over sympathising, I am still invested enough to want to watch the youngsters grow and for the brothers to find each other. Also stop hating the actors its just episode 1. The firefighters split up, and Dad takes the toughest door to get open, which happens to house chemicals. Heirs TV Series Dal-po and his family stand behind the police line, screaming for Dad and desperate for answers about the nine deceased firefighters.

They shoot up out pinoccnio bed immediately and shout the answer. I never thought she was ever a shit actress. Aw Firefighter Dad T. He tries to conceal his past for everyone’s sake for 13 years.


PSH is still meh. Romeo and Juliet [nb 5].

And nowadays, too drrama things lays on “media playing”. Kim Gong-joo 20 episodes, Yeong-Hoon Kim You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Mom buys Dal-po little fireworks of his own, and takes him to the ocean that night. Full Cast and Crew. But Ha-myung is alive, having been rescued from the water by Choi Gong-pil, a kind elderly man who lives on Hyangri Island.

How can mop hair on Jong-seok be so adorkable? Do producers get together and choose the trend of the year?

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After his bald—faced lie, I hope he burns in hell for dragging the fire chief’s name through the mud. Dokkaebi Gong Yoo needs a human bride to end his immortal life. But the manager sent ALL of those val inside to look for them…. Kaybee November 14, at 9: A month later, In-ha and Dal-po apply at YGN’s “blind” audition for broadcast news reporters, but only Dal-po gets hired. An old murder incident involving a group who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together different people – a mysterious errand guy “Healer” who possesses disguise and fighting