Beef sees through it instantaneously. Pranked by PSJR “. As the author of the Super Hostile series, Vechs plays himself up to be one, though mostly goes for an Evil Overlord approach. Hit me all you like! Helping BdoubleO fix the redstone for his fire and in his mines. See B Team Trial.

He was invited to join the Mindcrack Server by Guude. Randomly replacing white carpet in Vechs’ base with pink carpet. Mindcrack Server – Episode The logo of the Ottawa Senators , a hockey team Beef dislikes, above his lily pad. Choose among killing a Sheep, a Cow, or have Pause’s valuables dumped into Lava. This page was last modified on 4 March , at Pranked by PSJR “.

Obsidian trap on Zisteau’s Logoutivator.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

The third multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 1 Julyupon the release of Minecraft 1. Paulsoareesjr his work on the conservatory Discussing plans to make the area haunted.

Recently, Vechs built his base very close to his treehouse. Building a food truck offering baked potatoes on sticks near the Town Hall.

Mindcrack Season 5 mindcrsck Episode 2″ Docm Season 4 began with 24 active Mindcrack members. Etho feels really bad and repeatedly apologizes while attacking Kurt in Season 8, but it doesn’t make the battle any less harsh. Aurelian is this to Vechs.

Clearing paulsoares jungle with a Wither, lava and fire.

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PSJ is often the victim of Vechs’ pranks, due to the proximity of his base, and was the first one besides Vechs to know where Vechs secret base was in the Season 4 map. Please use the talk page for contact. An image of Joe Hills in front of the zombie apocalypse fortress, and numerous signs stating “Joe Hills was here”.


Etho got his base “cleaned” up by Zisteau. Members of the Mindcrack server entered the Nether of the season 4 world ;aulsoaresjr on the evening of 3 July The Mindcrack Serverpreviously MindCrack Server[a] is the whitelistedunmodified Minecraft multiplayer server that the Mindcrack members play on.

Episode 20 ‘Mhykol’s Gift'”. While not described as such, most members of the server thought the T3 Project was a prank.

The Furnace Prison” post-discovery. Filling up BdoubleO’s house with mushroom blocks giving the appearance of a fungal infestation.

They are not meant to cause grief or destruction. Talking about the fish timer Explaining what happened to his mansion during the MindCrack Marathon Working on details in the mansion. ;aulsoaresjr Nebris when he wants to. Mindcrack Server – Episode A running laulsoaresjr on the server is that no one can remember Mhykol’s name. Explaining the story behind the formation of the B Team Detonating TNT at Etho’s new base and filling his chests with cobble Trying to retrieve his items.


As part of the website update, the server chat logs and overviewer map have been displayed on MindcrackLP. Citation needed Former members.

Constructed a replica of Candyland at VintageBeef’s castle. The Nether Hub, which connects to everyone’s houses.

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AnderZEL [30] and paulsoaresjr [31] had tweeted images of their starting homes to tease viewers before the initial videos were released the next day. People requesting to join the server. Rerouting Guude’s nether path paulsoarexjr lead a long distance away. Subscribing generikb for the “Von Sway” home design and decor service in return for his cat delivery service. Many members were viewers of other Mindcrackers before starting their own Let’s Plays.

Swapped Guude’s dog, walled cave seasson, moved Guude’s cows into a cave, and placed flowers, grass, and trees around Guude’s new mountain home.

Vechs1 joined the Mindcrack server as its newest member in July Once the Wither s die s though Plotting with mcgamer and filming skits Caving Discussing potential perpetrators of the mysterious prank on the arena.