In short making a film is a combined effort of many people. He was an artist at heart — emotional, talented but too prone to being hurt. Write the letter in about words. How does the story criticise commercialisation of it? Even the hero had no words to say on that day. Answer Of course Patol Babu is a very practical man. So that the timing would be perfect.

But, why did you leave without taking the money? Why did this happen? He enunciated the syllable in various ways. He felt miserable and utterly helpless. But he had to give it up due to the high handedness of the boss. She tells him that he was counting his chickens before they’re hatched. The Questions and Answers of What was the full name of patol Babu? In , he was offered a higher salary as a clerk in a famous company.

What worried Patol Babu about his moustache? A bus was carrying the equipment.

He wanted to get his dialogue beforehand so that he could get quetsion time to rehearse for his role. In the story, Baren Mullick is the director, he accepts the suggestion of Patol Babu of holding a newspaper in his hand and also sees that a butterfly moustache is put on his face to make his character more impressive and bby.

Naresh Dun assured him that it was a speaking part and there was a dialogue! But the mechanical, inhuman nature of the film-folk hurt me when the time came to collect my twenty rupees, l could not remain there. Did you baub to do your role? Match the meanings of the underlined words with their meanings listed below.

Write soon Yours affectionately Tapeshwari 2. Well, I suggest you go and wait in the shade there. He is an old man wearing a jacket who collides with the hero. A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make i laughing stock out of him.


Then he was reminded of some priceless words that his Guru, Gogon Pakrashi used to say. Patol Babu was living at Kanchrapara. Ans Patol Babu had a real passion for acting in his past. Yours affectionately Patol c Why does she ask this question? It is the beautiful and unsullied mind that makes on unforgettable. Patol Babu wondered whether those people had the depth to realise the perfection with which he had just performed.

Patol Babu

Patol Babu b Where is the speaker now? How could anyone be so cruel? I had never expected this to happen.

What does this reveal about his character? Why did he gather that useful information?

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In short making a film is a combined effort of many people. It hardly mattered if it was small. The day of the film shooting arrived.

So, I did want to have my lines in hand to see and memorise, to deliver them well. He believed that even if the job was small one should do it whole heartedly and put in one’s best efforts. In what way is the poet stronger than powerful rulers? Patol Babu was among the unfortunate employees who lost their job. He is speaking to Patol Babu.

Why did Patol Babu disappear before collecting his payment? No work is big or small, it is the way we look at it that makes it big or small. This lets us know genuine Patol Babu was.

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Discuss with reference to the story. Patol Babu was already 52 years old and virtually unknown, in the field of acting. The speaker is Naresh Dutt. Write each answer in your answer-sheet in one or two sentences only.


Who is he referring to? Though the anzwer had been small and the dialogue consisted of only one word, it was a very satisfying moment for me. Patol Babu worked in a railway factory in Kanchrapara. He fikm his dialogue in various ways with different emotions.

He hankered after a career in films. On the edge of the pavement, there was an instrument on three legs around which there was a group of busy people.

The poet pays tribute to the poetry created by him.

He felt utterly betrayed; all his hopes fell flat on the ground. In the past, he was a very good actor at the stage.

Write a value based question from PATOL BABU FILM STAR

Patol babu is an ideal artist who is not worldly wise and a dreamer who is not practical. For that, we pick people from the street. Patol Babu had given up hope answsr he had been told that Naresh Dun, the man who was to offer him a role in the movie would be coming at ten thirty a. Why had Patol Babu given up hope at half past twelve? Then remained an insurance salesman for ten years. You may start like this…. The director suggested that a moustache on Patol Babu would really look more interesting.

He always advised that no role is small and one should do full justice to a role; no matter how insignificant it appeared.