And I totally agree about Oz speech about there being nothing evil or good in this world, only peoples will. Also, this scene 3 pages. What is ‘the real relationship’ between Alyss and Alice? XD Somehow he ends up killing Alice granting her wish? There There, Katie – Jack’s Mannequin. Haha, I like that comparison to Izaya.

I hope this was of help–I just got into this series and stumbled on this post apologies if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes. The few official illustrations of the Barmas also show dark eyes with red hair, but I always seem to run into the discussion of people from Barma’s country having red eyes and how foreign it is in this series. I think they may be relating to freedom, more than anything. I’m not surprised that Alyss wish was to be destroyed Choices about who is Gil’s real master? His promise was to kill her! And if so what is their meaning?

And here’s what makes me think this: His promise was to kill her!

Can anyone read the Japanese scans to say for sure? Try searching by clicking the tags list indowebeter. Just when the “memory” is shattering, Jack turns to Gil and says, “Oh, it’s you. She feels bad for not being able to stop him.

Pandora Hearts – EP 14 ENG DUB

I’m not surprised that Alyss wish was to be destroyed I don’t think Alyss is a truly angry person, I think she’s just very, very lonely. Nevermind, I found it! So all these chapters we’ve been wondering what Break promised the Will of Abyss that he would do Oh right, forgot that we know Arthur is the older sibling. And Lacie seemed to imply that they were recent immigrants to the country, yes?


Okay, I have something that’s killing me. Could be that he’s doing it either because he calls him that out of respect since he IS Lord Baskerville nowor that he just really wants to have a master again I think that in order to save Alice in whatever climactic situation, Break will have to destroy Alyss.

Indoaebster, I hope you get well soon: Arthur says in chapter My next questions, what was the role of Vince in the Tragedy of Sabrie? It seems that somehow Break had realized The true goal of Baskervilles since he said that they had the same goal destroying The Will of Abyss. I’m still half-convinced Gilbert wasn’t entirely indosebster who his master was; why would Jack’s family feel the need to brainwash him into serving Jack?

But the fact that him stepping on the feathers first white, then black was given their own panel, does make it seem more meaningful.

Iconpost #46

Just what color are the eyes of the Barma family? I’m really seeing this series end up as a Tsubasa-esque time warp. Thus, they are bound by Chains. Log pzndora No account?

Pandora Hearts Retrace LXIII Discussion – Tempest of Conviction

I hope this was of help–I just got into this series and stumbled on this post apologies if I’m stepping on anyone’s toes. Unless it focuses hearta Gilbert and Vincent. I agree about many of the things you said. I’m freaking sticking with my theory that Oz was around before the Tragedy, so he probably did have a hand in it. Leo does totally look like Alice, which makes me think he’s some kind weird incarnation of the Will of the Abyss with a bunch of purple and brown paint splatted on him.


This might be a tough one, but I want to get an entry up there describing how characters generally speak to each other. Could the pictures represent what’s going to happen next?

But Oz would be more likely to kill her in the end, since he’s the one to fix the currently wonky Abyss, and he’d also do just about anything for Alice. Sorry for my long rants, I’m really confused here with the whole mysteries MochiJun-sensei made.

There seem to be so many.

Oh but he’s very cute. Good intention or no, I can still totally see a secong Sablier happening quite soon. Alice also called Oz her epksode here. XD I think I’m going to be done, now.

The Baskervilles justification of their actions seems pretty legit. Haha, especially since I only just finished the Alice stories. I’m just throwing out ideas here XDD Another thing I’m wondering about is B-Rabbit; it’s infamous but Alice doesn’t remember why or takes no credit for the horrible things BR has apparently done.

When Alyss convey her wish to Break, she said: When was the last time you kidnapped “invited Oz out”???