Click here to report it, or see our DMCA policy. Christine Reyes as Janelle. The choice at the end is very straightforward as she was the only one who had a loving relationship with the mother and wanted to go with her It is the siblings’ capacity for callousness when the mother was both living and dead that is punished, that inherent trait of balancing responsibilities and rewards since they suffered an unhappy childhood, they are free from their mother’s clutches , forgetful of the permanent familial bonds that tie us delegating these duties to servants whose bonds with their ward is as flimsy as the amount of money being sent to them. He likes to borrow, magpie-like, images, moods and colors from a wide range of filmmakers–Quentin Tarantino, John Woo, Wong Kar Wai, San Miguel Beer commercials–tossing them in without rhyme or reason, to ferment in his celluloid chamber-pots. Roderick Paulate, an actor who at the prime of his career portrayed stereotypical loud gay characters including one who transformed into a horse as a curse in slapstick comedies, plays the eldest of five siblings who reunite in their parents’ mansion for their mother’s pa-siyam , a Catholic ritual wherein the loved ones of the deceased would pray daily novenas for the deceased’s soul for nine days. The scares are repetitive, not because the filmmakers ran out of tricks to dish out, but because they are coming from a nagging ghost-mom, trying to make her children aware of their wrongdoing. Written by Irishlass aol.

The affair is bleak and dreadful. Welles’ The Island of Dr. Audience Score Not Available. It would be nice to think he’s aware of how hilariously his films play onscreen, but no; he’s been heard to declare with the utmost solemnity about this or that oeuvre that he’s consciously tried to emulate the works of a master like Ishmael Bernal, only to say “fuck it, I’m going to do things my way. His brother and sisters agree to stay, though none seems particularly eager. The ghost is walking past so if we don’t make an aisle, they wouldn’t be able to get by us.


The affair is bleak and dreadful. Not Coming to a Theater Near You. Roderick Paulate as Nilo.

Pinoy Horror Movies: Pa Siyam

The House Next Door. Nilo has been living and working in the Middle East, his brother in Los Angeles, his sisters in other unstated locations and, like most spread out families, appear to have little contact with each other for years and are drawn together now out of a sense of duty more than any apparent affection for one another. Film Blogs From Elsewhere. Personally think this is Erik’s best work. What was the basis for picking Aubrey’s character as the “sacrifice” over everybody else?

His brother and sisters agree to stay, though none seems particularly eager. Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom Full Cast and Crew. The Aswang Chronicles Concentrated Nonsense cinema edition. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. I liked it even if my friends thought it was stupid. Aside from the persistent hauntings waking up to a roomful of feces, bugs and cockroaches, or being followed by the spectre of their dead mother occupying every nook and corner of the darkly lit houseeach of the siblings relive an unfortunate memory within the house, all concerning a portion of their lives being permanently scarred by their mother’s intervention.

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Pa-Siyam Review

Like witnessing the annunciation and realizing your feet are asleep. After niceties and gifts have been exchanged, they drag themselves back to their duty to respect their mother for the final nine days her soul is supposedly still in Earth.

The more relaxed pace is a refreshing change from the seemingly unstoppable current desire to cram these sorts of films with a scare a minute, and when ghostly events start to become obvious the images are all the more unsettling as a result.

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Don’t have an account? Edit Storyline After their mother’s death, her adult children gather in their family home to respect the funereal rite of Pa-sayim. The character’s continuing unflappability in the face of these escalating events undercuts the building tension at times and makes it difficult to believe that they summarj in any serious danger.


Maybe because she’s considered the “least worthy” to live life? Pa-Siyam Critics Consensus No consensus yet.

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They end up permanently scarred as their mother’s retribution is more painful than individually hurting them like how she used to when she was younger and alive sumjary she removes from them the duty of bringing up their retarded sister they might mess up the way they did with her especially upon the knowledge they gathered linking her to their trusted parish priest played by Jaime Fabregas.

And the consequence is–what?

Click here to report it, or see our DMCA policy. Currently, the calendar conta Posted by Oggs Cruz at The hauntings continue to intensify up to the ninth day, and the siblings still have no clue as to sunmary reasons for their mother’s wrath.

After the death of their mother, the sons and daughters sjyam for the nine-day prayer and as they go along investigating who killed their mother. About being the decade’s best, I’m not too sure Newer Post Older Post Home.

His brother and three sisters have long since scattered around the world, leaving their ailing mother in the care of the local family that has served as their domestic help for years.

Christine Reyes as Janelle. ;a beses ba nila nagawa yun?

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