Incredible value with very good power. I hadn’t planned on using it for myself until I saw how easily it blended her vegetables. I also love how easy it is to clean this particular blender. No need to read a complicated owner’s manual. It is just well made and reliable. I recieved my order not working so I send it back for replacement. Design Design is contemporary and looks great to be placed on the kitchen counter or easily stores in the cabinet.

We use it to make smoothies, blend soups, and more. I contacted the company and they sent me within a few days a replacement. From prepping to serving, you can rely on this Oster blender to perform effortlessly. I use it several times a week. The Oster Blender Professional Series comes with an all metal drive which is used to transfer power to the blade and will last for many years. The new an improved over sized rubber feet, under the base, not only gives the blender that massive look, but keeps the blender motionless during cycles.

Sometimes I make them twice a day. I decided to trade in the multiple speeds for the funky beehive look of this one.

Your email address will not be published. This blender is no longer in production, but a newer model is now available Oster BPCT02 Blender Review Features This blender measures in at 8 by 8 by 15 inches and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

I am obsessed with making smoothies, and I make them daily. This Oster blender has two speeds, high and low, and comes with a dishwasher safe 40 oz. Oster brand has always been my choice in choosing appliances, the best and lasts longer than other brands.

Osger saves me so much time.

Oster Professional Series BPSTB – blender Overview – CNET

Very user friendly with no-nonsense operation. Ease of Cleaning Easy to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble. I would recommend the brand and this blender in particular.


Consumer Reviews Consumers generally found that this unit delivered on all its promises, with the powerful motor being able to handle anything from soft fruit to tough ice. The rubber feet are considered to be helpful in stabilizing the unit but caution is advised that if left running too long, even a few seconds too long, it can turn ice into water.

The new an improved over sized rubber feet, under the base, not only gives the blender that massive look, but keeps the blender motionless during cycles. I really like this blender! Even so, the unit is highly reliable and is built to last, with a metal drive and a sturdy construction. We love Oster brand products as they are quality products. It does not have a lot of parts and the buttons are simple and to the point. Mrndamoo USA This blender works quite well and is backed with great customer service.

This blender was on sale when I purchased it. I mainly use my blender for smoothies, milk shakes, and to puree soups and sauces. The blender is well made and is very sturdy. Design I really like how it looks on my counter.

The Oster Blender Professional Series

Blending Power Great blending power! I have used it with ice but not a lot of ice, so I can’t tell you much about that.

It matches profeszional the rest of my decor perfectly. Versatility I used this for preparing cocktails like margaritas and pina colada. The heavy base and oversized rubber feet keep the blender motionless while working and also give the unit a strong, massive look.

Owners liked the heavy metal construction as they felt they were getting a sturdy unit, which was indeed made to last. The Oster Professional Blender is the best blender I’ve ever bought! Cash on Delivery Available. And I’m happy I did. My last blender was twice this price and bpsy02-b last but a year. The blade assembly at the bottom does come apart easily too so you can clean the blades well.


Great product

I decided to try it for one smoothie, and I was amazed. Shop through our app to enjoy: Ease of Use This blender is super easy to use. I had had the sseries for a few days as a gift from my children.

It is a powerful unit that quickly delivers better than expected results, with no job being too tough.

Exclusive Deals and Offers! This beehive-style blender is a classic. It makes great sauces and purees, shakes, pina coladas, and smoothies.

Oster Professional Series Blender | Glass Beehive Black BPSTB

Blending Power The blending feature on this blender is powerful enough for the needs of a standard kitchen. Whether you are blending creamy dip, pureeing soup, chopping ice or pouring a fresh smoothie, you can create your dishes with ease.

It is strong and reliable and it almost purrs when it runs. Incredible value with very good power.

It really makes cleaning a snap. Nice to see a company stand behind their product.

Design It’s designed to give you a full size swries, but it doesn’t take up any extra counter space than it needs. Ease of Use It is very easy to use. Blending Power It has enough power for most average kitchen tasks. I love this blender because it is all of those things!