In order to walk on these slippery treads, you’ll need to counteract their force. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. The fifth part of the dungeon: About Zelda Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Put a tail on them until they think they’re safe, then watch while they bury their booty. Link gives chase, using Stealth to follow the brothers to the spot in the Treasure Grove where they hid his feather. See the mushrooms here? After the first room, turn east.

Correct while your are supposed to throw a bomb in the lava it won’t take effect until after dungeons 1 to 7 are completed first. Let’s go look in that “temple. In order to walk on these slippery treads, you’ll need to counteract their force. Thanks for the news! The area is surrounded by lava, and the only way to really go is straight up one space, to 4,A. Three Stalfos and two mine carts are here.

Now we have plenty, thanks to you. Hop to the ladder and go down.

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Go back to the mine cart and ride it back to the mini-boss room. With each new area of the village, Link is able to explore a different tower of the Temple of Seasons.

Pushing the one to the right moves the left one in subdosia opposite direction. One can be found on either side of the three central peaks.

It’s another side-scrolling cave! This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Keep heading south until you reach a platform with a portal on it. You’ve already been there, so head all the way to the south. More topics from this board To get back over the gap, reverse the polarity on your Gloves and repel yourself back over.


Head south back on to the ice. At the bottom of the ladder is a group of cracked blocks. The challenge is only feasible with the Magic Boomeranghowever.

Throw it in the hole, then go back.

Subrosia Village

Inside the next room, you’ll find the Magnetic Gloves in oraclle chest on top of a small dais. These guys are much faster than the big one, but they can be killed the same way. From this room, head through the right door.

He puts it down and blows the door off. This time, it will direct Link to the east.

Subrosian Volcanoes – Zelda Wiki

Use the magnet glove and exit from the north-east passage. Follow the path to the east and to the south. The Legend of Zelda: Kratos Kratos Moderator 5 years ago 2 You can’t do anything there until later. From the subrosa entrance, Link explores the temple’s main hall as well as the Tower of Winter, where he obtains the Rod of Seasons and the power of the Spirit of Winterrespectively.

When you arrive, go down the stairs. Get back to the Temple remains. Pick a magic ice and ride the cart. Subrosian Volcanoesas the name suggests, are a chain of volcanic mountains in northern Subrosia in Oracle of Seasons. Equip the power bracelet and the super slingshot with mystery seeds He can’t be hit with the sword, so don’t bother.

Go downstairs, open the chest and claim a small key. Go back to the room with the locked block and use the Small Key on the west wall. Here, you’ll meet the Spirit of Autumn and gain the fourth power for your Rod. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. In the next room use your magnetic glove on the spinning S in the middle to pull oeacle to it then switch polarities to N to push yourself away and collect the key from the chest. Once you’ve got it, go back to the previous room and exit to the south.


The mountainous location is dotted by several caves. Use your Small Key on it. Use the feather to hop to the first platform to the left, then equip the Gloves and use them to attract yourself to the magnetic block in the ceiling. Link can now get through another magic portal, to the fourth part of the dungeon. Grab it, then turn your attention to the metal ball nearby. You’ll need to maneuver the left one atop the floor switch oraxle. Log In Sign Up.

After getting the treasure, go back east, cwve on the new bridge, and continue all the way back to the rotator room. Then move north to find a chest. In the room upstairs Link can collect another key. In the next room, slay the Iron Masks and Moldorm to open an exit to the west.