This program was produced off the grid, with power from the sun; the only safe nuclear reactor. Underground we meet the blasters who set off the explosions that create the vast system of tunnels. Every day, the world over, large amounts of high-level radioactive waste created by nuclear power plants are placed in interim storage, which is vulnerable to natural disasters , man-made disasters , and societal changes. When shown on the British More4 digital television channel on 26 April , the name Nuclear Eternity was used. To protect life from the highly radioactive nuclear power plant fuel, the waste must lay untouched for , years. Blog – Latest News You are here: And is that, in fact, precisely what we are building here? Call anytime at for information on how to order.

And when they hit the genetic code – DNA molecule – they can break it, split it. Broadcast quality mp3 of the 30 minute program is here: How far ahead can we burden the earth and future generations by turning on the lights? Energy is the main currency for us. But it is an invisible danger. Why isn’t every government, every philosopher, every theologian, everywhere in the world discussing Onkalo and its implications? Trending Topics CinemAmbiente Deadline documentaries documentary environment environmental documentary environmental film festival festival film festival filmmakers films France Green Film Network Palmares Upcoming Deadline Winners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Into Eternity 1 of 6 (What Happens to Nuclear Waste?)

Into Eternity was written and directed by Michael Madsen. And when they hit the genetic code – DNA molecule – they can break it, split dkcumentary.

Work will be completed in the 21nd century long after my death. Once the repository waste has been deposited and is full, the facility is to be sealed off documentaary never opened again.


We call it Onkalo. Hence in the case of Onkalo it is tightly linked to experiments on copper corrosion in running groundwater flow. You might also like CinemAmbiente Film Awards. Instead of looking for cover-ups and conspiracies at the site, Madsen uses the existence of Onkalo to create a hauntingly beautiful meditation on the mortality of our civilization, asking the question: Energy is the main currency for us.

You can get information on how to order an audio CD of Into Eternity that includes the talks by Joanna Macy and Natalia Manzurova by calling and I will repeat that number in a moment.

Onkalo – Into Eternity – Introduction to the film by Maria Gilardin, TUC Radio,

The film opened for European audiences in and fiilm showing in the U. And you can’t make nuclear waste go away. The time between the onset of oxygen deficiency and the loss of consciousness, the brief moments in which a pilot may save the plane. However, in this chain of mounting absurdities, reprocessing creates plutonium, that will have to be kept safe not forbut for one million years.

Retrieved from ” https: And there it was:. Quite documentart, the site’s designers were considering using Munch’s The Scream as a way of getting the message across. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat A hundred years ago – just three human generations ago when radiation was first discovered we didn’t understand that it was very dangerous but we noticed that it can be usefull.

Nothing valued is here. There was an error inviting that user to Dotsub. Who can join the GFN? And even if future generations were to somehow understand the warning, would they heed it?

Michael MadsenJesper Bergmann. After nearly 20 years of research and billions of dollars of documentarj, not one gram of spent fuel has been shipped to the site from nuclear reactors across the US.


We need you to know that this place should not be disturbed. We would never be focumentary to claim that we can safely put something into the buttom of the oceans. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

Into Eternity – review

Never stay in an area with enhanced radiation level. And we have taken great pain to be sure that you are protected. Responsibility for links and footnote annotations rests entirely with me.

If you sometime into the future find this what will it tell you about us? Finland is building something that must outlast every institution humans have ever conceived. Madsen’s film does not merely ask tough questions about the implications of nuclear energy knkalo now enjoying a fashionable renaissance as the burning of fossil-fuels becomes increasingly unacceptable — but about how we, as a race, conceive our own future.

To protect life from the highly radioactive nuclear power plant fuel, the waste must lay untouched foryears. Into Eternity is a documentary about a deep geological vocumentary for nuclear waste. But it is an invisible danger.

Onkalo is the first in the world — after Yucca Mountain failed technologically as well as politically in the U. And we started to work with it. The slope of the tunnel is 1: