Modern day Yoruba film and theater music composers among whom Tope Alabi is the flagbearer have variously accompanied dramatic actions with original music. Literature List of Nigerian writers List of Nigerian poets. With Africa 70, Kuti recorded a series of hits, earning the ire of the government as he tackled such diverse issues as poverty, traffic and skin-bleaching. Around the close of the decade of the s, more hip-hop acts began to gain popularity. The result was a profusion of new styles in the last few decades of the 20th century, including waka music , Yo-pop and Afrobeat. Like many later Nigerian reggae stars, Fashek was a part of the long-running band The Mandators, who toured and recorded incessantly during the mid to late s and early ’90s.

They now typically use European instruments, film extracts and recorded music. Problems playing this file? The instruments are usually made of loose wood placed across banana logs. Hip hop Reggae Gospel. Hausa ceremonial music is well known in the area and is dominated by families of praise singers. The late s saw the appearance of the first fuji bands.

Islamist insurgency Communal conflicts in Nigeria Herder—farmer conflicts in Nigeria Niger Delta conflicts conflict. The leader of a dundun ensemble is the iyaluwho uses the drum to “talk” by imitating the tonality of Yoruba [4] Much of Yoruba music is spiritual in nature, and is devoted to their God. Several people sometimes simultaneously play a single xylophone.

Other holidays in which music plays an important role include drumming and dances performed at ChristmasEaster Sunday and Easter Monday. The MegaJay and P-Square. Retrieved August 2, Women use complex rhythms in housekeeping tasks, such as pounding yams to highly ornamented music. Afro-juju was a combination of Afrobeat and fuji, and it ignited such fervor among Shina’s fans that the phenomenon was dubbed “Shinamania”.

Scrapers are common throughout the south. I Abaga are labelmates. Views Read Edit Moviw history.

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Ensembles yorjba clay pots beaten with a soft pad are common; they are sometimes filled with water. In Nigeria, they are most common in the southern part of the country, and are of the central African model.


The issue of musical composition is also highly variable. Ishola, who was one of Nigeria’s most consistent hit makers between and his death inrecorded apala songs, which alternated between slow and emotional, and swift and energetic.

Yoruba music has become the most important component of modern Nigerian popular musicas a result of its early influence from European, Islamic and Brazilian forms. Mbarga used English lyrics in a style that he dubbed pankowhich incorporated “sophisticated rumba guitar-phrasing into the highlife idiom”. The arched harp is found in the eastern part of the country, south among the Tarok.

These are most often call-and-response type songs, using archaic language. Mensaheasily the most popular highlife performer of the s, toured Igbo-land frequently, drawing huge crowds of devoted fans. Later prominent reggae musicians included Jerri Jheto and Daddy Showkey. They now typically use European zouthy, film extracts and recorded music.

Here, music is used to convey an impression of the dramatic action to the audience. Listening to Timi Korus Babe mi Jowo and Flosha yorua artist home and abroad now rap and sing in yoruba and not forgetting their heritage. In this genre of music African musicians incorporate Jamaican patois into their lyrics and beats.

His work became a formative influence on the developing fuji style.

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He was followed in the s by burgeoning stars such as Wasiu Ayinde Marshall. A bowl-resonated yruba with a lizard skin table is used in the northern region, and is similar to central Ojo and Ethiopian forms.

In the early to mids, three of the biggest names in Nigerian music history were ommo their peak: The hourglass drum is the most common shape, although there are also double-headed barrel drums, single-headed drums and conical drums.

After living in London briefly, he moved back to Lagos and opened a club, The Shrine, which was one of the pmo popular music spots in the city. Two of the biggest stars of the ’80s were Segun Adewale and Shina Peterswho started their careers performing in the mid-’70s with Prince Adekunle. In the early s, both Obey and Ade found larger audiences outside of Nigeria. Though he was awarded Juju Musician of the Year inShina’s follow-up, Shinamania sold respectively but was panned by critics.


Children also use instruments like un-pitched raft zithers made from cornstalks and drums made from tin cans, a pipe made from a pawpaw stem and a jaw harp made from a sorghum stalk. The most common format for music in Nigeria is the call-and-response choir, in which souty lead singer and a chorus interchange verses, sometimes accompanied by instruments that either shadow the lead text or repeat and ostinato vocal phrase.

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Drums of many kinds are the most common type of percussion soithy in Nigeria. Styles of folk music are related to the multitudes of ethnic groups in the country, each with their own techniques, instruments, and songs.

Sowande was also an organist and jazz musician, incorporating these and elements of Nigerian folk music into his work. In many parts of Nigeria, musicians are allowed to say things in their lyrics that would otherwise be perceived as offensive.

Among the Igbo people, Ghanaian highlife became popular in the early s, and other guitar-band styles from Cameroon and Zaire soon followed. I Abaga Ice Prince and M. One of the most common types is a notched stick, played by dragging a shell across the stick at various speeds. These popular hip hop acts include OlamideVectorReminisce musician who was named as one of Time Magazine’s seven international rappers to meetIce Prince and M.

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