Or it could mean a bigger version of chapter flashback… which IMO should have had more than 1 chapter to tell its very touching story. Of course we still have another episode to go next week, but it looks as if DEEN has made the odd choice of finishing the season with another recap episode. Seems like this will be the pattern, alternating between a building episode and then the action. Agreed on the manga too, it’s interesting stuff but it seems like the latest chapters are moving at friggin warp-speed which makes the story feel a little bit choppy and confusing. According to the legend, a nue can metamorphose into a black cloud and fly. Eh, not a bad set up episode.

I kinda realized that he’s already dead given the stabbing at the start of this season…what I want to know is if there is any fathers played by him who are alive and well bonus if they are awesome badasses or is his voice too awesome for any anime to contain for the entirety of its run? Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. According to The Tale of the Heike, Emperor Konoe, the Emperor of Japan, became ill after having terrible nightmares every night, and a dark cloud appeared at two o’clock in the morning on the roof of the palace in Kyoto during the summer of Still my favorite is Zen. A mound near the bay which exists today is supposed to be the grave created for this nue. Though, with this pace this will cover up to Shikoku arc in an instant depending on the improvements. Nani mo kamo wo hoshigatteita Mayoeru mono no chikai Mada miru sekai o tsukuridasu koto Kuchi hateteiku. It appears that Nine-tails was extracted from her body before Nue sent her to Hell, so perhaps Rikuo will have a brief conversation with her before she dies.


I love the ending song.

Solve your own problems. What Zen threw at Kubi and Itaku was actually a kind of poison if I remember right.

Rikuo is one lucky bastard! I think Mmago heard Yoshino Hiroyuki and Shimono Hiro in this episode which adds to the list of great seiyuus in the cast.

Kind of a build-up episode for things to come. Not that there ever was dragging out in Nura. I can’t view that picture Nayrael. Still my favorite is Zen.

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Well I hope they continue with this good treatement: AnimeBoogiepopReviews. Well — let’s worry about getting a third first! I’m still not sure it was as much of a “double-cross” as it was some master manipulation on Minago-J’s part though.

Nayrael There is nothing to drag on here as there are only two more ep’s left after all. Mirai Nikki — Just moved rather slow.

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Is any father voice by Fujiwara Keisuke doomed to die or is already dead by the serie’s start? I guess that’s the only thing you find non-boring. Ika Musume — Leave a Comment Cancel Reply.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Epixode December 19, at For one, Nine-tails latest host was a human girl who had direct connections to the Nura Clan.

Still far off from the scene I want to see, but everything is coming along at a good pace. Can’t wait to see how it wraps up tho! She could make her own! That’s what made me think of a secret daughter. This episode is pretty good plus i kinda like how aotabou get electrocuted when get thrown off the train and i think it’s pretty interesting that shibashi actually add more role on shimain which shima actually had a crush on tsurara but i highly undoubt that he will win her and it looks like he also add more on rikuo’s mom in the anime.


BTW, cute how impressed you are with change of style between Season 1 and 2. And a lot of Tsurara goodness: I knew about the Nue, but I wasn’t sure why Seimei xnimeultima the name.

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Here was another episode I found entertaining and suspenseful, but I confess I find myself having a relatively hard time figuring out exactly what just happened. The ice tears were funny!! Yuki Onna is adorable, I love how she and Rikuo are so comfortable around each other. Why was Tsurarara packing ice?

Lol Aotabou on the train. Antique Bakery is probably the only anime I’ve seen where he lives till the end of the anime….