Was this the farmhouse that Baray Sahab had gifted Neelam? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He is clearly into her and well so is she I think , plus Neelum just sucks, she deserves to die alone. Goya Episode 20 Review. I think you should continue with Mehndi. If that brings some life into our Mj.. Mj told Alamgir ke bhai knows i assume here abt the pregnancy.. About US Submit a review.

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! But then again its the same writer. Do check those out as well! At the same time our love of Pakistani drama forces us to be fair and appreciate the level of work and dedication required to make even the worst serial so we try to accentuate the positive as much as we can. All the characters in the drama have mercurial personality, they cannot be judged so easily. To make this dhamaka announcement and get Q to inherit everything.

It maybe Q is not actually her son but mumkin hai at the end it is revealed that Wali is not BS grandson. Ajkal to kuch acha lagta hi nahi tv par! Wow she looks hella different in that serial Add dental treatment and some botox and its a totally different person. Covered seriql and every thing so nicely! Was this the farmhouse that Baray Sahab had gifted Neelam? I was so thinking of all your mathematics rpisode I was watching this!!

My point about Qasim is I think if BS had known about Qasim or could choose the heir apparent he would have chosen Qasim over Wali anyday. I have always felt that she was too srial for the subservient role she was playing and hated to see her moping for W. That said, I do rdama see a happy end for this story no matter who ends up with whom Like Like.


I did not understand your point. In fact, if it turns out that things were as portrayed, MJ affair n son with uncle and marriage to nephew. It seems she is just acting up her illness for the purpose of spending some time episodw Q. Like maybe use her two legs and just walk out!

It might have been deliberate. Yes it was predictable i guess but i still liked it. Q was calling MJ, num that she spend time with him. And they have way too much time to be gossiping. Absolutely love meri zaat zarrae benishan. If anyone has the telepathic skills or perhaps a clearer sound quality version of the episode …please for the love of all that is good tell us …?

Or was it a Nikaah kept under the wraps. Neelum the character, not judging the actor on the other hand has not been devious till now. There was no point of repeating dramw entire conversation only a few minutes after it took place.

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But I still feel MJ would be shown as a vamp as this may be the most unexpected twist in the story yet. LOL, Salima ki asst tau us bhi do haath dramz hai!!

His rudeness is a sort of defence mechanism and he repents later. And how by going to the hospital is MJ going to achieve being with Q?


And if he does then how come he let him live? I mean cmon mujhe dekhte hui bhi sharam aati he.

Numm Episode 12 Geo Tv Drama 9th November 2013 in High Quality By GlamurTv

Thanks for the feedback. I think the writer took that typical concept of two competing wives that we often see in dramas and gave it a more realistic twist by putting it into this feudal setting. Everything is okay between Neelam sdrial Wali until they are away from Mahjabeen. Person I liked before in this drama but not now: It was such a beautifully shot scene, numk only we could understannd the lines too.

Every week there is a new opening. Their track was more interesting as compare to others.

Numm Episode 08 Geo Tv Drama 12th October in High Quality By GlamurTv – video dailymotion

I felt the same in some parts of Humsafar too and kept blaming the audio levels of my laptop, damning the manufacturer too. My fav pair was of HS-AK. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The story is finally moving forward and we have something to look forward to. A tale of two Grandsons Sadaf.

Considering the time and culture ,these two are literally in mortal danger.