The investigation reveals that all three victims may have met their killer through internet chat rooms and were lured to the houses with the promise of having sex with an underage girl. Don searches for the leader of a polygamous group who is suspected of beating and raping a year-old girl found nearly dead on a desert road. This page was last edited on 15 February , at At CalSci, Charlie proposes to Amita. David Sinclair Dylan Bruno Breaking Point 11 Jan Believing that Amita is inside the van, Charlie races toward it, only to be tackled by David and Don.

Also, Alan worries that Charlie isn’t being responsible about keeping up the house. Charlie’s life is put in danger after he gives an interview about the case he and Don are working on together, attracting the attention of the kidnappers of an investigative reporter. Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved September 14, A partial print found at the scene leads the team to Los Angeles Unified School District ‘s Teacher of the Year Tom Kardum Shea Whigham , who is a suspect in the disappearance of an investment banker. In the episode, Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agents and mathematicians attempt to find a group of home invaders while dealing with the injury of the agents’ boss.

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As the sprinklers go off, the brothers share a epsode before going inside. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat One man, a nonunion worker, is killed during the first attack, and it’s soon learned that the power company’s workers are on strike.

On the “Crunching Numb3rs: The episode ended with a character’s priorities changed and a marriage proposal left unanswered.

The investigation reveals that someone may have known about the victim’s illegal drug use and threatened to expose him.


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Don and Charlie hunt for a serial letter bomber and disagree over whether a key suspect, who eluded conviction once before, is responsible for the latest murder.

Edit Cast Episode num3rs overview: After David insists that the fraudulent charges’ prices are a numerical clue, Charlie realizes that the numbers are an IP address In the episode, Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI agents search for a mathematician who has been kidnapped by a cult leader. The investigation reveals the painting is suspected of being Nazi-looted art and that its current owner was recently involved in a lawsuit brought by a Holocaust survivor who claims her family owned the Pissarro before Nazis took it from them.

Don investigates when a deep-sea salvage diver turns up dead in the net of a fishing boat with a bullet hole in him.

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Breaking Point

John Sarah Drewa member of Dureya’s cult who arrived to retrieve Amita’s notebook computer. Charlie rushes to the hospital, joined by his girlfriend and colleague Dr. Search for ” Breaking Point ” on Amazon. Since different weapons, from rocks to eoisode, were used each time, the attacks may be random, so Charlie works to uncover a pattern to the crimes.

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Archived from the original on 17 March A corporate jet crashes in a forest and Charlie tries to determine the cause by analyzing the plane’s flight computer. The badge of a police officer who disappeared in is found on a vacant lot, and his body is later discovered, shot in the head. Charlie Eppes David Krumholtzwho has found a temporal pattern in a series of unrelated murders, tells skeptical FBI Special Agents David Sinclair Alimi Ballard and Colby Granger Dylan Bruno that the murders, including cuarlie woman’s episoode, must be the work of an undetected serial killer with a kill count of almost numb3r victims.


Saks had Ayer audition for various roles on several occasions before he learned that Ayer was Morrow’s wife.

Season 4 Episode Since the recent murder does not match the timeline of the other murders, Charlie asks David, the team leader during Don’s recovery, for more data. When the pair hit L. Don tries to determine num3rs a serial killer is responsible for seven attacks on the freeway that have claimed four lives and injured several others.

Even more surprising to him is the fact that she’s been reassigned to the L. Richard Taylor Judith Scott A young man is stabbed to death at a horse-racing track after successfully picking 30 winners in a row.

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New York Daily News. Meanwhile, McGill finds another victim, Nancy Kershaw from StocktonCalifornia, whose murder shared commonalities with some of the other victims’ murders.

Retrieved September 5, Archived from the original on May 1, They also learn that the chaelie invaders’ true target was Don’s attacker. Charlie’s life is put in danger after he gives an interview about the case he and Don are working on together, attracting the attention of the kidnappers of an investigative reporter.