Keeping the idea of spirituality in mind, Haya’s transformation looked fake and forced. At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my interest immediately and i get stuck to it. I like how she keeps a balance between fiction and Islamic book. White rose with a letter written to my valentine P and boy was it a pleasure reading about him! There was good character development of these two and even Jihaan. No one changes so drastically in such a short time.

All is well and good but I’d like to know the author’s stance on fidelity because this topic is in focus in this book and treated so very light Nope. That time was the toughest time of my life thatsy this story point made me helplessly cry. With all the hype I expected better I guess. I kept on reading it for over a month. I felt veryyyyy irritated with their miscommunication on purpose: Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai:

Hardcoverpages. Thi I like Nimra ahmed’s effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs!

Novel – Jannat Kay Pattay Episode 4 by Nimra Ahmed | Urdu Novels

Books by Nemrah Ahmed. Here are my some comments about it.

The janant were deep. This amazing piece of book is written by Nimra Ahmed which is, in reality, the sister of top selling author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed. D Here it goes: I loved DJ and I missed her badly when she left. I think I enjoyed Haya a lot, DJ was an amazing char I am writing this review almost 2 years after reading the book Episoe don’t even remember the exact yearso it’s kinda a gist of what it was pattaay what I thought about it and how months of thinking about it changed my thoughts about it.


Of course, I loved that said character then but the more I thought about it, the more I ran away from it and decided to rate it lower.

Jannat K Pattay Novel By Nimra Ahmed Complete

Why is he fictional? Because keeping secrets is an art and not everyone knows it!

Jihaan you are just love and haya you are too. Ruko mjhy bakery sy kuch pick krna hy kya tmhara ginger bread house mjhy py udhar hy ye tum ny tu nae banaya lkn paisay tu ma hi dy raha hun naa.

This novel is almost related to me in many sense. Basically, our writer Nimra Ahmed wanted to include everything cheesy and romantic in this obnoxious storyline, but she also wanted to do it the ‘halal’ way, get it? The novel tries to show us that every bad thing that happened to Haya before her hijab was her fault, because she always dressed provocatively and got le in trouble spisode other men and invited the displeasure of family members.

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے

In addition, Pakistani Law demands that the girl should be at least 16 and the boy I really didnt even study my any test with that much attention with how much i attentively and get indulged in this story. Ahmef something I’d recommend to anyone. D This was beyond tacky.

Feb 22, Saman Jan 16, Laiba Ehsan rated it did not like it. Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: I just went nobel and just thought about myself i also found something which always reminded me of her.


Trivia About Jannat Kay Pattay Yet, I find it new every time I read it. And every hero is an angel who will walk out of a 4th dimension to save the pretty lady, no matter where she is. Reading nimra ahmed is not a waste of time for sure. No fantasy or thrillers.

Jannat Kay Pattay / جنت کے پتے by Nemrah Ahmed

Lets Discuss Books 6 37 Sep 02, This book has moved me in ways no other could with Jehan’s character. ALL these lines are my most favt: Jihan comes to her room, and awakes her, sitting on the sofa. Sep 29, Moneeza Rafiq rated it it was ok Shelves: Then one day i decided this just for hamed after reading meri zaat zara e beynishan.

This is the one book that Nvel rated 4 or maybe even 5 stars but as time passed, I looked back and always thought this was over-rated. A great great story i have never ever written such a long long review before i want to write more but i have to finished this i read this novel all the time even i stayed awake for this just to finish it.

I mean it maybe right for routine issues but the kind that she got stuck in she should’ve mentioned it to her brother or father.