Pub Toadie, Connor and Stu are celebrating Connor’s talent. Jack starts to understand the politics of the building site. Gus puts Max’s life in jeopardy. The Scully renovations start in earnest. Talia Zucker Maureen Callaghan: Connor finds a way to stay in the Country. Deidre Rubenstein Lisa Jeffries:

Steph, Max and Izzy misunderstand the house situation. Max says Lyn will forgive and forget. Episode Network Ten: That doesn’t work so he hammers another hole above where her foot is stuck, then bumps her out the way by hitting her butt with his. Sindi is very taken aback by his attitude. Jack leaves her to it and she somehow manages to get her foot stuck in the wall when she accidentally kicks a hole in it. Summer survives her first day at high school.

Scullys Jack rings Lyn at the Hoylands to tell her that Joe can’t come because he’s fixing the plumbing at Eisode. Liljana and Karl clash over loyalties. Summer’s afraid of being replaced.

Kate Hansen Bidder 3: Rhiannon Fish Maureen Callaghan: Boyd feels under pressure to perform. Toadie walks in and says to Sindi to let the boys off the hook and stop trying to run everybody’s lives.


Neighbours Episode Guide: 4401-4425

Sky and Boyd struggle with intimacy. Trixie plays the part of the perfect wife. The Bishops are divided over the Kennedys.

Harold gives Susan a wake up call. Ben Episide Aaron Barkly: Mal announces he is selling the Hoyland House. Sindi’s married man is revealed as Rocco. Sindi looks a little shocked. Natalie Blair Henchman Ric: Wendy Stapleton Gino Esposito: They’re all congratulating Steph on buying number Lou witnesses the extent of Trixie’s pain.

Neighbours Episode Guide:

Deidre Rubenstein Gino Esposito: Max then comes in, and he and Lyn are forced to discuss the issue with Neighbouurs. Why is the Hoyland house under surveillance from a stranger?

Robert Forza Carmella Cammeniti: Scullys Toadie comes to help Sindi and tries to pull her out of the wall in a hug-hold. Lou’s threatened by Stuart’s after-hours garage business. Lou’s desperate times call for desperate measures. Connor finds a way to stay in the Country.

Neighbours – Season 20, Episode Episode –

Recap Harold being sarcastic to David and Lil Izzy telling Lyn that she’ll serve her in the shop when she’s good and ready. Lou falls deeper into debt and corruption. Wendy Stapleton Malcolm Kennedy: Wendy Stapleton Malcom Kennedy: She gets her mobile and calls Toadie for neighboure.


Ben Barrack Mark Lambrides: Although Joe isn’t mentioned as having left until episodethis is the last appearance of Shane Connor, who was suddenly sacked from the role. Rebecca Barnett Kirsty Martin: Gus tries to win back Izzy, while continuing his manipulation of Summer. The conflict between Izzy and Sky continues. Talia Zucker Gus Cleary: Robert Forza Carmella Cammeniti: He’s perfectly nice to Jack, Gino, Stu and Max when they all come in and order things.