Pororo the Little Penguin. His return forms the end of season cliff-hanger and Australian viewers had to wait months before Paul’s return continued on-screen. Retrieved 15 March Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. After a public meltdown, Paul is suspended as mayor. Paul attempts to sue Georgia, but drops the case when he learns Jack has died.

The sham wedding was originally suggested by Izzy in jest and she is shocked that Paul and Gail organise the nuptials. Writers decided to mark the show’s th episode with the story and Robert takes Paul hostage down a mineshaft. Paul is found guilty and sentenced to eighteen years jail, with a non-parole period of fourteen years. Retrieved 6 May He concluded that it made Neighbours more dramatic ever since. When Gary confesses to the police, Paul gives him more money to keep quiet about their arrangement. Paul grieves for Priya when she dies after an explosion at a wedding reception on Lassiter’s grounds.

Dil Se Di Dua The character’s attack created a long-running whodunit mystery. He then subtly suggests talking to a counsellor and that he can even arrange it for her!

Gail replies that CamRob isn’t expecting any visitors and also that they’d panic about them not turning up which could have resulted in the police being phoned. These events have a knock on effect which plagues his relationship with Gail raising many trust issues.

Paul falls out with local councillor Ajay Kapoor Sachin Joab and plots to ruin Ajay’s career, after the local police station is closed down and merged with another. Susan tells him that maybe some fresh ideas are just what they need, as points out that Justine is bright, bubbly and young as they make their way to the dining table. Ruth Deller of entertainment website Lowculture commented on Paul stating: He also frames Declan for an accident at a building site, that he dpisode caused.


Shararat Thoda Jaadu Thodi Nazaakat. Paul later returns to the street where he gets his brother-in-law, Philip Martin Ian Rawlingsinvolved in a fraud scandal.

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Paul wants Karl to succeed him as mayor and he asks Naomi to find his daughter Amy. Paul is accused of sexual harassment by Caroline Perkins Alinta Chidzeybut Terese manages to get Caroline to drop the lawsuit by giving her a settlement.

The Official Neighbours Annual Dennis filmed the scenes in a filthy studio episods surrounded by cameras, lighting and crew.

Retrieved 8 May Matthew Werkmeister Justine Spensley: Paul and Terese agree to start a relationship in secret, but are quickly caught kissing by Leo. Ned tells him that they didn’t cancel the booking, just improvised with the two of them by doing Justine’s songs instead of his and that the host described it as the best gig they’d see.

Inside the Actors Studio. As Paul struggles to put the tent up, Robert offers to do it, having put it up in the shop already and hands him a drink, not knowing that Robert has drugged it, Paul complains about the taste, which Rob blames on him probably not cleaning it out properly before they left.

Paul is shocked that he would murder his own sister to get back at him, and asks how he managed to fool everyone.

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Paul tries to take Charlie’s away from him, but soon relents. The three say their goodbyes and Ned heads back into Number 30 as Janelle emerges with some bags of rubbish.


December 25, later season 1 re-aired, but not with 25 but 29 episodes from December 29, to January 31, Ned says that he must have torn off the one accidentally, but Karl says that maybe someone else did it, and not accidentally, implying Justine. Paul goes on the run, but he is soon arrested and remanded in custody.

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Paul finds Amy and Gary about to kiss and learns that they a couple. Paul’s arrival coincidences with the fire which makes him a suspect.

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Alan Fletcher keeps it alive as well, by always looking out the corner of his eye and thinking ‘I just don’t trust you! InDennis quit the role because he no longer felt challenged as an actor, he stated: Katya convinces Robert that they should not leave together because he has a final chance to kill Paul at the wedding.

Na Aana Is Des Laado. As Paul struggles with his children’s relationships, they, and Terese, invite Jane back to Erinsborough as a distraction for him. If I had a chip it’s the end result of years of abuse and neglect nothing more.

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