Y gi1i, ticklishness; the desire to laugh; g. Dutch room; a cabin in a ship. Jckrika1, a large salver or tray. I hlave followed tile phonetic system of rolanised spelling prescribed by the Federated Malay States Government, but have added a good many variants to assist persons accustomed to other orthographical rules. Mglay’i, the M alay language; tiada tahu b. Inlbtu, a tick; tindas k. Iebat, a drooping moustache.

II om pang-ramping, tattered and torn. European of goods ; imported from afar; tali b. China, the Chinese; birbangsa, of birth; nobly born. Ukpudang, burong kcpuzdang, a kind of thrush mentioned in romances. S6mang, a name given to Negrito aborigines in the country near the headwaters of the Perak river. Shafiite; appertaining to the Shafiite school of doctrines. Malayan; Sumatran and Javan; hurtufJ. Allah, God’s apostle, Muhammad.

Dutch the Dutch ” pole” as a measure of length.

Sjeeh, slightly leaking or spilling. Bnjut, mznggnjut, to tug as a fish tugs at a line. China, a pepper piper chaba ; 1. E ebean, flinging out of the way. Cgaung, sound dulled or confused by echo; reverberation. Sbrgash, mnnysrgah, to startle anyone with a sudden sound or movement. Hongkoug, Hongkong; kereta h.

Ilsi, pale through anaemia; p. China, the Chinese pattern of sun-hat which is not a perfect oetimun but slopes inwards ; siput t. Dutch the framework of a house. Sl1ampuri, kain Slampuri, Seram.


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Itrying to get information by ” bluff. Zanzibari; African; Tauh j, a tree supposed to grow in the centre of the great ocean; buah pauh j. II bbrsenam, to stretch oneself on waking. II, nruLnjang, to thrust blindly at what we cannot see.

Chanchang, sticking up, rising to a point as certain forms of native head-dress. Wnngggloder, to straggle for freedom; to try to get loose.

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Ikikir, a file, a grater; by metaphor miserly.: Kuripan, the Prince of Kuripan, Panji. B ]ba, the name of the second ketiun of baba, a Straits-born Chinese; a the alphabet. Jkcnong, a small copper gong forming part of the gamnlan. Sbigut, winding in and out as persons making their nxskah through a crowd.

S sa, a prefix expressing or suggesting unity; one; a; forming or consti. Islam, the Muhammadan religion; also igama and ugama. Negri Sembilan a territorial subdivision.

Ikabut, cloudy, misty, indistinct; mist; hilang k. Mglay’i, the M alay language; tiada tahu b. Hindu, Hindoo, Hindustan, India. Ikacha, glass the material ; roda 7c. I bblbkok, burong b. Blanda, Dutch; orang b. Jkmpong, shrunken about the cheeks as a toothless man. Imban, an arrangement of ropes enabling a porter to naskab a burden borne on the back.

Smpok, a soft spot in fruit.

Abyssinian, Ethiopian, Negro; orang H. Dutch a measure of superficies a bouw. Batak, an aboriginal tribesman; a Battak; mrmbatak, to lead a nomadic life. BWlanda, a sheep; k. Samsam, a name given to a mixed half-Siamese race inhabiting the northern parts of the Peninsula.


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Bombai, imported onions; b. Janjam, water very poetically ex. Jk1lok, a curve; an arc; a semicircle; birkalok-kBlok, cut in semi-circles of a border -cf. Ikilas, a thong; a strap for pinioning.


Ikblara, ikan lkilara, a fish unidentifled. Jalor a bamboo gong. Utmpah, engagement in advance; retaining services; penempah bidan, the fee paid in advance to a midwife. China, the pea-nut arachis hypogcea ; also k.

Allah taala didalam Kuran, the word of God revealed in the Koran; also firman. Icinchang, kinchang-kinchang, gadding about. Naning your servant; I. Batek, Javanese painted sarongs; k. Jajat, to mimic; taking off; ridiculing by mimicry. Zlmas, death by suffocation or drowning; n. China, in the Chinese language or in the Chinese way. Bidasari, Puspa-sari, Tunjong-sari, etc. Utripang, a sea-worm-much prized by Chinese as a delicacy holothuria edulis ; ikan t.