With the last of his strength, Naruto succeeds leaving a deep scratch on Sasuke’s headband. Note to our visitors in the EU This website uses cookies and tracking technologies to assist with your navigation, analyze use of our website and products and services, assist with your registration and login, and to assist with our marketing efforts. Their presence is detected, and the Sound Four attacks them before they can make a move. Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. Retrieved November 6,

Recognizing the huge increase in strength that this allows the brothers, Kiba and Akamaru combine to become a giant double-headed wolf. Along the way, they find the female ninja that attacked them before. Sakura gives them all medicine Tsunade had given her, and they seek shelter in a cave. Idate grabs the orb and heads out on his own two feet, but they are soon confronted by Aoi, waiting with Tobirama’s sword of Raijin that he had Idate steal for him. While Sasuke thinks the battle to be won, the Nine-Tails’s chakra begins to envelop Naruto as his wounds are healed as he resolves to beat Sasuke to a bloodied pulp if that is what it will take to bring him home. Jiraiya goes off to the right, Naruto and Sakura down the middle and Gamakichi down the left. When Sakura awakens, she informs Tsunade of Sasuke’s defection.

The Sasuke Retrieval Squad” Transcription: Upon finding his parents’ bodies, Sasuke discovered Itachi to be responsible for the massacre.

narutoniine Meanwhile, Sakura asks Naruto on a date that she had denied a long time ago when they were first assigned to Team 7. Naruto Next Generations After exchanging several attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori.

VIZ Blog Read more on our blog. Although the Konoha ninja ask their saviors to flee, each refuses, having been asked to come to help by Tsunade. Retrieved June 5, When Sasame drugs Naruto, Sakura and Jiraiya, she prepares to let them be given to Orochimaru in order for her to be led to Arashi.


Elsewhere, as Sasuke arrives to Orochimaru’s lair to become his apprentice, the Akatsuki assemble to discuss the new turn of events while their leader tells them that their mission is more vital. Naruto battles Kabuto viciously using Shadow-Clones, but Kabuto defeats them with a fire technique. The Sound Four tell stories of how Sasuke can become stronger if he would lend his power to Orochimaru.

Soredemo ore wa shinjiteru ” Japanese: This shroud also acts as a shield, and Sasuke’s attacks are quickly dispersed before reaching Naruto; the tangible chakra also acts as a potent weapon, negating the Sharingan’s prediction abilities and allowing Naruto to attack from afar by extending the chakra into a claw-like attack.

The Fuma Clan promises to rebuild their town and everyone heads back to Konoha. Sakura trusts him and leaves, Naruto ends up in a dark room with many bamboo sticks and struggles to get free. Unable to send higher ranking ninja after Sasuke, Tsunade orders Shikamaru Nara to assemble a team of genin under his lead to go after Sasuke.

Sasame attacks Arashi and manages to set him free for a second. Naruto Next Generations volumes.

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A Final Act of Desperation” Transcription: Sasuke tells Naruto that he doesn’t dream of the future, only the past, as he recalls his close bond with episods older brother, Itachi. Sakura attempts to battle Kabuto, telling him that she believes Naruto and herself will save Sasuke together.

His injuries too severe, Neji collapses, leaving the retrieval of Episkde up to the others. She soon loses focus when Kabuto begins harassing her with thoughts of Sasuke’s inevitable death. As the other Sound Four members go on ahead, Jirobo absorbs the Konoha ninja’s chakra. The combined beast charges towards Sakon and Ukon, though the brothers are able to block the attack.


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As the fight narufonine Kiba and Akamaru vs. Naruto rebukes his offer, saying that he needs to focus on saving his friend first. In the room Naruto’s in, he encounters Gamakichi, who seems to be of no use in his struggle, the room soon floods with water. Outmatched, Choji considers taking the last pill. Jiraiya begins to worry about Naruto and Sakura’s well-being.

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Sasuke says yes and starts to walk away, enraging Naruto. Narutoninee, Naruto corners and defeats him with the Rasengan, injuring him badly. Naruto promises to do so, and the group sets out. Naruto takes on Arashi, but gets trapped and beaten easily. Narutoniine Itachi left, he informed Sasuke that if he wanted to take revenge for the clan, he would need to get stronger. The four come to three tunnels. They then learn that her name is Sasame, and that she is looking for her cousin Arashi, who went with several members of their clan to join Orochimaru to revive the clan.

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Sakon and Ukon rages on, Ukon pushes his cursed seal into its second level. Although the Sound Four’s attack seems to force the retrieval team on epislde defensive, Shikamaru intended to be caught and uses the opportunity to capture the Sound Four with his shadow. But Sakura tells him that they’ll get Sasuke back together when another chance comes.

A New Enemy Appears! Elsewhere, Naruto has caught up to Sasuke.