Naruto remembers his Genjutsu breaking training sessions with Jiraiya and uses them to escape Itachi’s Illusionary Technique. Deidara plants small jumping spider explosives between Naruto and Kakashi. Jiraiya accompanies Naruto home and meets Tsunade who assigns Naruto and Sakura on their first mission, but first they must defeat someone to prove their growth and progress in the last two and a half years. As the barrier tags are removed, the clones of Tenten, Guy, Neji and Lee arises from the ground and attacks them. Kakashi, knowing how dangerous his opponent is, relies on his Sharingan. Retrieved December 11, He constantly pursues and asks Might Guy whether he recognizes him and have they met somewhere before. Sasori dies while saying that he wouldn’t have hesitated killing his own grandmother as he has already killed hundreds and thousands of people.

Kankuro, the General and the entire village watch this and run. October 28, [14]. Deidara wonders how he should capture the Jinchuriki. Shippuden series, was released on August 4, Team Kakashi and Team Guy sense that the five forbidden tags control the barrier on the cave. As they fight, Kakashi reminisced about Team 7 from two years back and how they were so weak then, understanding that the same old tricks won’t work on Sakura and Naruto again.

The process of the extraction of Shukaku from Gaara has begun at the Gedo Statue. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Naruto and Jiraiya eat Ramen as Naruto fails to go on a date with Sakura.

Do you have any other link? He reveals his new move, Big Ball Rasengan, which has a bigger attack and damage cover. An expert deciphers the letter and reports to Tsunade that Narut, the Kazekage of the Hidden Sand has been attacked and kidnapped by the Akatsuki. Sasori englisg his own body as a puppet and observes that Sakura also has a good skill as a medical-nin.


Deidara angers Naruto by playing with his emotions and challenges him to take back Gaara from him. The great battle of puppets begins and they soon nullify each other. Gaara blocks the C3 explosion using a big sand umbrella covering the Hidden Sand.

Team Kakashi rests for some moments much to Naruto’s unwillingness. Itachi states that Naruto has improved but englisj won’t be able to defeat him. Sasori creates a large make shifting poisonous iron spikes and paralyzes Sakura, who suddenly gets up and punches the Kazekage puppet and smashes it into pieces. Sasori uses strong chakra threads to trap Sakura in the toxic gas but she uses an explosive tag to escape. Kakashi creates a fake shadow clone and speedily runs away escaping these explosives and reunites with Naruto telling him to calm eisode and that he has already made a plan.


Chiyo tells Sakura that Sasori is the best human puppeteer who betrayed and left the Hidden Sand. Gaara’s sand tries to chase Deidara who seems to flee on his clay bird around the Hidden Sand.

The Hidden Sand’s medical ninjas fail to find a cure to Kankuro’s poisoning. Sasori accepts that this is definitely more than what he thought of the girl. Sasori summons the Third Kazekage, whom he killed and turned him into a human puppet many years ago, and injures Sakura with a hundred hands that he dispatches from the puppet.

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Sakura thinks that she must be of at least some use and offers her body as a puppet to be controlled by Chiyo. Deidara sees Naruto’s Nine-Tails chakra activating. Sensing the real Sasori inside his scorpion puppet Hiruko, Chiyo and Sakura have to dodge his stinging attacks in order to demolish Hiruko and force Sasori to emerge. He constantly pursues and asks Might Guy whether he recognizes him and have they met somewhere before. As Sakura tells Sasori that she created and brought the plant antidote which can convert Sasori’s poison into a harmless protein, and that they have three minutes until this antidote’s effects wears out.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Archived from the original on August 8, The Hidden Sand’s villagers discuss their loss and what they should do and plan the next step.

The Hidden Sand repairs the damages around the mountain area and removes the explosives set on the walls. Kisame is angered and tosses Guy deep down into the sea and send five huge chakra sharks which relentlessly attack Guy who is hurt. Kankuro asks Naruto to save Gaara.


She also gives a brief account of their history. Archived from the original on January 19, Team Guy’s Enemy” Transcription: Shippuden episodes from ” in Japanese.

After Naruto beheads the clay bird with his Rasengan, he sees the dead and lifeless body of Gaara. Zetsu notices the arrival of both teams and informs his leader to shippuren Itachi and Kisame to attack them and to give them some more time to complete the extraction and sealing of Shukaku from Gaara’s body.

Just before Chiyo dies, she tells Naruto that the Hidden Leaf’s and the Hidden Sand’s villagers learns from the past and the wisdom of future. As Deidara returns with Gaara, Sasori plants traps in the aisle of the entry to the Hidden Sand for the village’s ninjas that were chasing after them. Gai-han no Teki ” Japanese: Chiyo and Ebizo try to use all their knowledge and techniques but cannot understand how to heal Kankuro. Retrieved from ” https: Before he dies, Sasori praises Sakura and tells her, as a reward, that he has a spy Kabuto Yakushi within Orochimaru ‘s ranks, whom he was supposed to meet at the Tenchi Bridge of the Hidden Grass Village ten days later.

Team Guy also progresses through the forest to reach the Akastuki’s hideout. Boruto subscribe unsubscribe 25, readers users here now Release Dates: Team Kakashi and Team Guy sense that the five forbidden tags control the episodw on the cave. Lee tells everybody that the key to defeat the clones is to be more powerful than they were when they released nsruto scroll. Chiyo saves herself and Sakura using the chakra threads to pull her away from the pins and needles that Sasori continually shoots at them.