The story is about Joanna who is a fake spiritualist that will encounter adventures especially when all her lies come true and she begins to see ghosts like Kwatzy. Apparently, a witch named Motra, Joy Viado was the fairy’s enemy that knew there’s a child named Kwin was after to kill her. Joanna, a woman who did not experience a beautiful childhood. Meanwhile, there’s a big rat running loose in their house. It revolves around the life of Eric, a disobedient young boy who doesn’t want to be controlled by others. They meet one time when she saw Karina giving money to street children. Patty is a fat girl who wanted to win a beauty contest.

Komiks TV series topic Komiks lit. He returns to the shop and reverts to his former self and helped the new couple go stronger. Jairo later turns up looking like Raven. With this, Jessie, a boy that adores Irene so much and the two fairies’ favorite letter sender, gets disappointed with her. Will Maita finally learn to take care of her eyesight when the germs start to attack the eyes of her sisters and friends? She also encounters a cute man who flirts with her looks.

In the end, the ghost was able to fulfill his mission to help the teenager. With the spell cast on her, she meets Robin, a wztch man who luckily finds the magical bottle along the street.

Mitch, is a good witch who use her power to help others. A story about a girl who inherits a magical hand mirror. A poor girl named Len wants a family that loves her and her younger brother. A womanizer and ambitious DJ accidentally injures a Cupidand Cupid’s guardian Angel forced him to act as Cupid while the real one was recuperating.

General Star sacrificed her own “Star-Heart”, her power source to choose another set of Starfighters to defend, protect, and fight the menaces. When Quennie decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Queenie’s hands and forces her to give away everything she has.


The following content contains the tentative list of the most-watched television broadcasts around the world in selected countries, with the corresponding peak viewership or ratings share records, the corresponding year of such broadcast, and the mentioned media research organizations tallying nationwide viewership records.

Kara went with the man and took him to Manila.

My App Boyfie Fourth Episode (1) – THE JADINE LAND

Everything happens for a reason. In her evil stepmother’s mansion, she discovers a wood fairy that helps her find her mother. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The two friends decide to “borrow” the brush and use it for their own adventures. Anime – the channel’s primetime block consisting of Japanese anime programs targeting for all audiences. WansapanaSummer was a re-run of past episodes from —present.

Because of her eagerness to earn more, Jingle disobeys her father’s principle and enters the business of selling smuggled Christmas decorations. She said her name was Karen, and Carl was very surprised. Jessy’s younger sister Megan was born in Mexico, where her parents reconciled but eventually separated again for unknown reasons.

Valentina, Melissa Ricks was born with snakes as her hair, due to a curse given by a woman that her father also had loved. Because of this, Dolly gets into trouble after one of the people she insulted punishes her.

Xyriel ManabatJodi Sta. He transforms into the super-powered hero by the help of a magical rooster watcb by his father’s friend that transforms him into Adarna. As training, Super Kikay flies around their town and tries to solve the problems and difficulties of other people.

My App Boyfie Final Episode-SD

She appeared in international productions, sometimes credited as Carol Roberts. A new cast is featured in each episode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Beauty likes saying bad things to epizode poor and ugly people, especially to three ugly girls. One day, the germs on his skin attack his mother. Krystal is a young girl who belongs to a family of witches.


Watch Wansapanataym Season 6 Episode My App #Boyfie, Part 10 on ABS-CBN () | TV Guide

It has become the longest-running drama anthology in Philippine television and in the world,[1] reaching its 25th year in The story of a young girl named Lulu and her twin sister Lily, who is cursed to become as little as an elf. Carlos is a boy who destroys an ant hill where a dwarf lives.

Tanya is a girl whose mother repeatedly refuses to listen to her employees’ explanations. When a boy named Paolo drinks it, he turns up looking hideous.

The tale of Terry Kimberlya kid spoiled by her grandma Daria but disciplined by her mother, Linda Glydel. Everything happens for a reason. Jao helped them reunite with mu abilities. While his partner on his show helps him find couples in order to meet their true loves. This is a list of the longest-running television shows by category. Because of this, Carl’s dad became more focused on winning the competition than spending quality time with his own son.

Belle is a foster girl longing episoee the love of her adoptive family who accidentally became a superhero. Carl Ejay Falcon finally bought the car of his dreams.

List of Wansapanataym episodes

Sison —; —present Jopet S. An important story about facing different life problems. He later recorded “Wake Me Up” by Wham! She studied mass communication at the Dominican College in San Juan for two years. The objective is to inform and obyfie the masses who have the same experience or people who in the future might get into the same situation.