The awareness may be a temporary dip into a higher type of learning. Very nice website and easy navigation. A Short Introduction to Stereoscopy Posted on 8. One more example that is similar to yar bombing is moss art, or moss graffity that I find is very amusing and looks good in urban streets:. I’ve seen alot of go-kart webpages and i think this is one of the better ones. Bei uns tauchen Sie ein in die groe Welt des Films. And I think that stereoscopy is a natural extension of this development. This gap in formal knowledge is inconvenient when we leave the rarified world of logic and mathematics and come face to face with the phenomena of natural history.

Some introductory notes A medium is not restricted to being a technical device, like a radio, a newspaper or a browser. All of them were plagued by major technological and financial problems, which at the time were difficult to overcome. According to Hayes, most scholars consider the greek physician Galen, who lived in the second century A. Pedagogic Media Theory is an approach to include cultural, media historical, and educational aspects for understanding existing and developing new medial environments for teaching sic and learning. Shibby Where you from: We cannot communicate outside, or without a medium. June by Wey. Les Houser Where you from:

Addendum July 5th Just happened onto your website by a link. Contextmarkers Posted on 2. Others, however, argue that so few original texts have survived from those days that it is not possible to say how broad the knowledge of stereoscopic principles was in the ancient world.


McCloud not only explains comics, but also aspects inherent to all media and human cognition, aspects like closure or amplification by simplification.

But it is not so simple — maybe their child likes night a lot: Usually, when they wanted to tell me, they came and told me voluntarily.

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Like many of the greatest inventions, the thing that Wheatstone had recognized is so simple, that it might even seem obvious. It is generally known, that most human beings have two eyes, which, despite their common point of focus, receive their image of the surrounding world from a slightly different angles.

A video clip was produced by an ad agency for about I think this is an important aspect: And now, at the beginning of a new millennium, the audiovisual industry is pushing once more for the acceptance vixion stereoscopy into the mainstream.

This is a very good point!

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The current picture above was taken 10 minutes ago, thereby the webcam seems to be currently active. October by Wey. Or, as Bateson would have put it, we can act only randomly upon this stimulus until we have some context to connect our perception with meaning, or meaningful action i. Have another story, a bit more complicated: And about the last comment Wey gave to me: Can this phenomenon of medium design and medium usage be found in other media as well?

Some connections to former concepts novie disucssed:. So, amazement is originally something that stuns us, makes us seem stupid or senseless; maybe even something dreadful, because we cannot understand it.


June by Wey. Connecting Pedagogical Media Theory approach to a supposed widespread stereoscopic media usage. Columbia University Videothem, Left in year and pursued midwest modifieds, but now in I’m getting back to kartingI’m just addicted to the sport. It was originally added on January 13, and has been viewed 44, times since then.

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July by Escwege. And when that is combined with the currently existing possibility for individual people to affordably create their own and high quality 3D content, there will be a change for stereoscopic culture to gain more ground in the world of visual communication and perhaps even become a dominant convention to represent visual information.

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For a take on closure as predominant in electronic media, see e. How can you tell that is another topic. Some introductory notes A medium is not restricted to being a technical device, like a radio, a newspaper or a browser. Posted in Allgemein Leave a comment. Les Houser Where you from: Vidrothek nice website and easy navigation.