Movies of Replacements, “Achin’ To Be” 1: Christopher Nolan films are many things, but they are rarely straightforward or short. Adam and Josh give the Sacred Cow treatment to Christopher Nolan’s film and – with the help of listeners – engage in a spirited debate about which film deserves the title of “Best Superhero Movie Ever. Civil War” for bringing discipline and sound storytelling to their massive undertaking. Best Movie Moments of https: How had a 27 year-old male stand up comic pulled off such a sincere and moving depiction of a teenage girl’s middle school anxiety? Inspired by the brilliant mind of Tony Stark, Filmspotting crunches the numbers to come up with the Top 5 Movie Geniuses.

The Adam-Josh divide over “Prometheus” was fairly tame, but their first major disagreement set the table for the all-out blood feuds of “Argo” and “The Impossible. That’s one theory, anyway. And then there’s Adam’s watch, which was part of the second ever Filmspotting Marathon. American Hustle battle a couple years back, Adam and Josh again find themselves on opposite sides of a pair of high-profile, late-year releases: But does it deliver on that promise? Turner” Jeremy Messersmith, “Ghost”

Plus, the 4th annual Filmspotting Madness gets underway with the announcement of a handful of play-in matches.

Best of the s. Two of our favorite conversations. In the spirit of Bunuel’s surrealist critiques of the bourgeoisie, Lucrecia Martel’s film continues her own indictment of Figyts upper class with the story of a woman who may or may not have committed vehicular homicide. Infinity War May 01, Listen Episode It isn’t enough that we’ve been movif with four hunky dudes named Chris, all with solid acting chops and charisma to spare – we had to go ahead and rank them.


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Povbay the opening weeks of the new administration marked by political protest, Adam and Josh invite critic Michael Sicinski to share his Top 5 Political Resistance Movies. Likewise, director Tamara Jenkins teamed with the streaming service for the long-awaited follow-up to her acclaimed film, “The Savages.

Fresh from their screening, Gights and Josh offer up some “still processing” thoughts. Aug 06, Listen Debugging Mr. Sarah Vaughan, “Somewhere Over How about the best performances by actors we take granted?

Who should play the next Joker? – MOVIE FIGHTS! from ScreenJunkies Movie Fights on podbay

Adam and guest host Michael Phillips try to stay above the political fray during their Oscar preview special: Since his death in at age 46, a kind of cult has developed around writer David Foster Wallace. Listen Episode “As if! Listen Fivhts Reviews “Scott Pilgrim vs. With Josh and Adam off furiously prepping for their Jan. Young Jesus, “David” UK writer-director Andrew Haigh has spent the first part of his career quietly defying expectations.

Top 10 Least Fjghts Great Films.

THE GREAT AMERICAN MOVIE FIGHTS! from ScreenJunkies Movie Fights on podbay

Listen Best Movie Sex Scene! Adam’s son Holden says “The Lego Movie” was “awesome.


Plus, the Top 5 Films of Whether used ironically or to provide insight – or just to make characters look really, really cool – classic rock has been memorably employed by some of the best directors of the rock era.

Top 10 Last 10 Feb 07, Listen Episode Minnelli Marathon 6 – Some Came Running https: Listen Souper Reviews “Chronicle”. Listen Episode “The Future is Now”.

Josh and Michael Phillips — along with their respective gangs of New York — leave the Five Points for an exploration of immigration in the movies. Jeremy Kinney – Fandor recs: Other movies covered include: Plus, your Filmspotting Madness Champion.

Josh fighhs Adam round up their banjos, bows and arrows and irrational fear of sadistic mountain men in order to pull off this week’s Top 5: Anthony Morfitt – Audible recs: With many of them new or soon to arrive digitally or on DVD, here’s hoping they find the audiences they deserve.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Listen Who is the Greatest Director of The s?!