I watched the movie on Netflix, so subtitles weren’t an option, and turning it up didn’t help much. As opaque as the movie is, it’s redeemed by Ms. Lynne Ramsay has a hell of a good eye behind the camera and her music selections are superb. T his is a mesmeric, startling and sometimes baffling movie from Lynne Ramsay , the follow-up to her magnificent debut Ratcatcher; and while it may not have the closed perfection of that film, it undoubtedly announces Ramsay as one of the most distinctive talents in British cinema, and certainly one of the very few with the conviction to be taken seriously as an auteur, in the highest and most fully unapologetic sense of the word. But more importantly, Ramsay also stands as exemplar of the growing need to recognise the staggering quality of female-envisioned cinema that currently exists. Life sucks for female directors.

Inscrutably, she changes the name on the title page to her own, sends it off to a publisher, and then goes on holiday with her best mate Lanna. Jul 16, Rating: Cinephiles the world over owe it to themselves to cross paths with Ramsay’s work. Award and the Award of the Youth Foreign Film. What do you want? I watched the movie on Netflix, so subtitles weren’t an option, and turning it up didn’t help much. Carolyn Calder as Sheila Tequila.

While [Lynne] Ramsay’s sensibility is entirely her own, it approaches the rawness of work by Nan Goldin or Richard Billingham. There is one story thread that tightens up substantially at the tail end of the film involving a spectacular attempt at plagiarism and a dead boyfriend.

Morvern Callar • Lynne Ramsey • Senses of Cinema

If you don’t care to watch the film, at least get the soundtrack. Award and the Award of the Youth Foreign Film. She has a pleasant demeanor but little to say. Paul Popplewell as Cat in the Hat. Oct 23, Full Review…. James Wilson as Tom Boddington. Samantha Morton as Morvern Callar. Boring people don’t often make arresting protagonists.

That trickle of productivity has its provenance in a variety of causes. Morvern is looking for a way outand she finds it. Samantha Morton’s performance recalls Emily Watson’s work in Breaking the Waves filmm you can’t take your eyes off of her.


We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Morvern Callar has very little dialog; besides the brilliant soundtrack music, there is lots of silence. Let’s just say that reading books is the last thing filj the minds of these year-olds. More Top Movies Trailers. As Morvern moves through the world, these sounds offer a distinct atmosphere and narrative propulsion.

They are moments which succeed each other in a kind of narrative vilm Man With a Plan. A Forgotten Gem of British Cinema was last modified: This is not realism; there is a transforming intelligence at work, converting the size and shape of the real world into something subtly, yet radically – and very disturbingly – strange.

She is maybe heading for a breakdown? Well, it certainly adds to the intriguing sense of mystery.

Dan Cadan as Dazzer. And character motivation is entirely inscrutable. And the morverm fact of her lover’s death, now apparently an irrelevance, hovers provocatively above it all. Kathleen McDermott as Lanna. A young woman gently caresses her bare chested lover in what is presumably a post-coital embrace. Even if both films are about accidental sinners, Morvern Callar turns out to be a very different, and more difficult, film than Ratcatcher.

Morvern Callar

Blue aanalysis a kindred spirit to Morvern Callarbeing a narrative that also sensually propels its female protagonist from tragedy to a profound inner process of self-determination. My big problem with Morvern Callar is kind of my own – I have a huge problem comprehending Scottish accents and could hardly understand what any of the actors were saying. I wait with bated breath for her return to filmmaking! As the camera moves out, a disorientating scene emerges; a lifeless body Him, played by Des Hamilton is surrounded by a pool of blood, Morvern Callar Samantha Morton is lying on the floor lost in her own thoughts.

She starts to seem as bored with the film as the characters are bored with life.

Remembering Morvern Callar: A Forgotten Gem of British Cinema

Visually, there are lots of close-ups without establishing shots, odd angles, unexpected cuts, and continually varying lighting, which ranges from Scottish winter gloom to Spanish blinding sunlight, and from flashing neon and disco strobe lights to the fluorescent glare of the supermarket.


Lucia Zucchetti Art Dir: If it all sounds terribly serious, then, in a sense, it is, as Ramsay is that rare breed: Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Already have an account? Above all, she has the confidence to slow the narrative tempo down almost to zero: Impassive, moon-faced, sometimes crumpling into tears, or fizzing with laughter, Morton inhabits the role superbly, with an air of self-possession, bordering fractionally on conceit, that is a little like a young Tilda Swinton.

Although much of the movie is sad or disturbing, it is really a passionate and affirmative film. Morton finds a wealth of nuance in anomie and neurasthenia. Morvern going clubbing is one of the best cinematic nightclub evocations, and, just generally, the warmth and sensuality of the island seem to be representative of an inner hinterland of rebirth that Morvern is traversing, as well as a literal place where her life begins to take shape again. View All Critic Reviews A mesmerizing conundrum of a suspended life in perpetual motion.

Drew Smith Super Reviewer. What do you want? In another departure from the novel, Ramsay had Morton play the role with her natural English accent.

It is simply not possible, for example, to cut up a dead body with kitchen implements and certainly not possible to bury it armed with nothing but a trowel.

Maintains your sympathy for this otherwise challenging soul by letting you share her one-room world for a while. Morton’s superb, disaffected performance. What we are left with, instead, is a film of atmosphere, drift, and escape.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Thus “Callar” has a sketchy, fragmentary quality to it that isn’t very compelling.