Zylberstein is brilliant and deserves a great deal of peer recognition for her portrayal of Jeanne, Modi’s wife. Did the screen writers both to pick up a copy of Janson? Colorful and engaging, albeit, self-important lengthy Bio-Pic. Anyway, he did a great role. And special thanks to the private funders, whose support of independent productions make movies with meaning possible — and in this case, turned a relatively obscure dream into a wonderful reality! His girlfriend, Jeanne, who was supposed to be 19 when the artist met her, is played with surprising unevenness by the usually talented Elsa Zylberstein, who was almost twice that age, The supporting actors, particularly the ones who played Renoir and Picasso, were a delight. She also changes accents several times throughout the course of the movie.

And, you’ll see real paint. Elsa Zylberstein is just wet as Jeanne. Actually, it also makes you curious about Modigliani, was he really so disgusting, which is another redeeming aspect that I don’t think the filmmaker’s intended. It was funny hearing “Ionel, Ionelule” sung in French, since it was all supposed to be happening in Paris. The most profound observation anyone in the movie makes about Modigliani’s work is that he exaggerates the length of the neck. SandyZ7 6 November

The music was possibly the most passionate and moving part of the whole thing — I hope a sound track is released. Although the movie is set in the ‘s there is also a modern part the scene where everyone is painting their masterworks for the exibition with some lounge music on the background is gorgeous!

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The debauched artists are overwhelmed by pistols, pity and the tortured artist syndrome. I really love Modigliani’s work, so I was excited to see this movie. Wait till DVD, rent it; and then go to an art gallery. He died from tuberculosis and meningitis when he was There is snow in one direction and not in the the other.

May be it was a good idea – I would’ve saved an hour or so. Garcia is fantastic; subtle, beautiful, deep. So, for the first hour, the film struggled almost as much as its protagonist but then, something happened. Elsa Zylberstein is just wet as Jeanne. And special thanks to the private funders, whose support of independent productions make movies with meaning possible — and in this case, turned a relatively obscure dream into a wonderful reality!


The euro trash tune-age is redolent of Cirque Du It will be better for you and more entertaining.

Some of you might consider it tlejes capture the real “spirit” of that era or that it’s being put too much accent on the painter’s madness and on his interior drama; but this is Modigliani in Mick Davis’s conception, it’s a movie not a documentary! Did the screen writers both to pick up a copy of Janson? See it for the atmosphere ,which although not accurate, is beautiful. RickyFlambo 8 February But, I liked Tteljes Zylberstein as Jeanne.

And for who is the pic targeted? It’s incoherent, it takes fictional liberties that border on infantile never mind trying to create an interesting storyand the acting and writing basics, yes? It showed an overly emotional world of artists, highly competitive, yet in owe of one another.

His lover, his muse, and the mother of his daughter, 21 year old Jeanne Heubeten who was pregnant with their second child by the time teljjes Amedeo’s death, did not want and could not survive him. This extreme conventionalism is hardly suited to the memory of an unconventional artist like Modigliani, is flm Andy Garcia again plays a charismaticyet having abuse problems, which makes me wonder how he is in real life.

Don’t waste your time or money on this nonsense. I’m giving it a four because 2 is usually reserved for pornos. I liked the sets, the costumes and filming was pretty good. The movie seems to be saying that Modigliani was a drug addict and drunk and didn’t care about anybody, but he really knew how to live life!

Kahlo didn’t make Paris until the late s. So what is it about this film that makes sense?

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Too bad, too, maggarul ultimately “M” left me mostly unmoved and wanting to take a trip to The Prado; rather than watch a vain and valiant Andy Garcia doing tejes Leaving Las Magyaru, cocktail chug-a-lug tumble down the auteur hole of dipsomania and consumption.


Sure, if you are not into ‘art’ movies this wont be something for you but if you like a movie that is not a Hollywood blockbuster and if you like Garcia, i’m sure that you will like the movie. The rest modlgliani simply not believable as the artists they were impersonating: Excessive use of blood overstates some of the violence and one of the characters spends all his time yelling, about anything and everything. And then there is an even worse fit, the man playing the short fiery Spaniard named Picasso, an Iranian-British comedian name Omid Djalili.

This is a film purporting to be about artists, made by someone who clearly knows nothing about art. This movie is very much a mixed bag. This film only just touches on that This period piece is beautifully done.

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Hardly Romeo and Juliet. Modigliani’s style is so unique and striking distinguished by strong linear rhythms and simple elongated forms that it takes only seeing couple of his stunning, sensual and aesthetical portraits to never forget him. It’s probably not for everyone and definitely not for those who like formula, action films. This is one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life, this is for sure. Or, taking it another direction, the movie could have leapt into complete fantasy like Derek Jarman’s “Caravaggio” or the inventive and more accurate “Goya in Bordeaux.

Anyone, not with all the better artist films out there. The casting and acting was excellent and believable but some scenes were too drawn out.