To convince Takahiro to let Misaki stay with him, Usami has told outrageous lies, all of which Takahiro believes. Misaki has to run an errand for his part-time job: The next day Misaki sees that they are in Sapporo. She is represented by the agency Sigma Seven. He believes he did poorly, and ponders searching for other jobs. The list is in chronological order by season, and alphabetical order within each season.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A girl knocks at the door and asks Usagi to marry her. Hiroki Kamijou is sitting in a park remembering his fruitless relationship with his childhood friend and crush, Akihiko Usami. He has difficulty picturing himself as Usagi’s lover despite having made love with him and admitting that he may love him. Misaki is having a hard time with Usami again. The old man gives Misaki a ducky for the bathtub , and said that he has plenty more ducks at home because he wants to build up his relationship with his son. When he gets home Usami, Isaka, and Aikawa talking about preparations for a celebration party.

After the ending credits Takahiro, Misaki’s elder brother, phones Usagi. Misaki confronts them and says there is nothing half-hearted about his feelings. After a short conversation, Miyagi finally realizes the issues troubling Shinobu. Xenoglossia Makoto Kikuchi Ikki Tousen: Realizing that Usagi went through so much trouble to pick a place to eat sihnobu him he goes to thank him only to be stopped by the appearance of another AkihikoxMisaki BL novel.

Coincidentally, Hiro calls and asks Nowaki to bring some materials to him at the university. Usagi is pulled away to a meeting, but directs Misaki to go straight home. The Moefication of Anime Intellectual Gushing: His new friend Sumi Keiichi tells him everyone probably wonders why he gets dropped epjsodes every day by Akihiko Usami, the famous writer, in a red sports car.


Afterward, Akihiko sleeps over at his house. Opens with Misaki being told he is going to go back to living with Takahiro.

His thoughts are abruptly disturbed when Nowaki Shinogu launches a toy rocket, almost hitting him. Misaki begins to notice he feels lonely.

Shinobu leaves soon after. Misaki starts the new shinnobu with a dilemma – he has received invitations to various events from all three Usagi men on the same day.

The second segment focuses on Miyagi trying to take Shinobu out for a date only to fall sick. Hiroki breaks down and admits that he loves Nowaki, and the two make love in the library. Be the first one to add a plot.

In junjou romantica what episodes are shinobu & miyagi in?

That night in bed Usagi begs Misaki to talk to him, to tell him what’s bothering him, because he’s worried. When they are on the train, the old man notices that Misaki has a wooden carved bear with 3 salmon. His brother Takahiro arranges for his eccentric best friend, the author Akihiko Usami nicknamed and generally referred to as Usagi, or rabbitto tutor Misaki.

In Haruhiko’s room, Misaki thanks him for the flowers but asks why he sent them.

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With time, his study results improve, and he grows sympathetic towards Usami, who has an unrequited crush on Takahiro.

When Misaki leaves the party episdes go to the bathroom, he runs into Usagi’s brother. Usagi turns up and receives a confession of love from Sumi. Afterwards, Misaki and Akihiko head to a hot springs for a little relaxation, but wind up meeting up with Akihiko’s father instead.

He eventually realized that the place that Shinobu wants to go is anywhere as long as they are together and invites him to move in. After Misaki has fallen asleep, Sumi calls Usagi and tells him Misaki is there. In the Omake, Miyagi teases Hiroki about his homemade bentou packed lunch as Shinobu looks on. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Axis Powers topic Hetalia: After Misaki receives the flowers from Usagi’s brother, Usagi confronts Misaki because he has never said that he loves him, but Misaki avoids the subject.


Early on it is shown that Misaki and Usami eat together and later shows that Usami thinks of them as a family. Alone in a hot bath Usagi reassures Misaki that he loves him, that he will never let him go, and that no one else’s opinions matter.

Events in in anime. Misaki offers to walk with him.

After Nowaki notices Hiroki’s obvious anger, he tries to leave. Akihiko comes back and tries to snatch the pad away from Hiroki, but Hiroki tells him it’s really good and asks to read the rest.

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Sumi- senpai suggests to Misaki that Usami has a relationship with Aikawa. They kiss and Usagi says in a whisper again and again that he loves him. Usagi is happy knowing that Misaki is jealous over him again and tells him that he loves him. Later that evening, Usami returns and Misaki expresses the sadness he feels from being excluded.