Suhaani had been living in London with their mother before coming to Excel to reunite with Samrat. Season 1 Episode 8 Episode 8 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 32 Episode 32 Air Date: Later, Mayank and Nupur sort out their differences and retake their wedding vows and Samrat confesses his love to Gunjan. Season 1 Episode 17 Episode 17 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 24 Episode 24 Air Date:

Season 1 Episode 12 Episode 12 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 43 Episode 43 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 85 Episode 85 Air Date: The girls band together against the boys. Rohan or Ro, another student, clashes and falls in love with Ash. Season 1 Episode 48 Episode 48 Air Date:

Season 1 Episode 32 Episode 32 Air Date: Mayan’s mother finds a new job in Bangalore.

Last Episode 19 November ‘Mile Jab Hum Tum’

Season 1 Episode 56 Episode 56 Air Date: As Nupur, Gunjan, Mayank and Samrat speed to the airport, the brakes suddenly fail due to which Samrat careens the car off the spisode and the principal characters are involved in a life-changing accident. They convince her to stay with them for seven days during which each of them realises that Tmu is hiding something.

Samrat finds Nupur’s pregnancy strip and confronts her over the phone.

Mayank falls in love with Nupur and Gunjan becomes friends with Samrat. Season 1 Episode 17 Episode 17 Air Episoce It is revealed that Nupur has been pretending to not recognise them out of fear of Dhruv. Season 1 Episode 29 Episode 29 Air Date: Mayank accepts a post for professor at Excel at Mrs.


Season 1 Episode 62 Episode 62 Air Date: At first, Mayank pretends to be angry but then he comforts her by saying that Nupur had given him immense pleasure by telling this to him. The gang leaves for Mumbai.

Season 1 Episode 50 Episode 50 Air Date: Next, Nupur battles the culprits of Gunjan’s condition – a well-known, corrupt politician and his brother and has them arrested and becomes Excel’s role model. Season 1 Episode Episode Air Date: Samrat then makes a grand plan to propose to Gunjan, which all goes sideways. epsode

Episode 510

Season 1 Episode 65 Episode 65 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 98 Episode 98 Air Date: While Mayank is gone, Ratna and the Bhushan family decide to have Nupur married and send the match, Bablu, to college. Season 1 Episode 13 Episode 13 Air Date: This backfires when it is revealed that the new Nupur is Samrat’s long lost younger sister Suhaani Shergill.

Season 1 Episode 9 Episode 9 Air Date: Mayank and Nupur reunite at home after three years and Samrat and Gunjan attempt reconciliation though they still remain only platonic.

Finally, after days, Mayank convinces Nupur before going to bed by pointing out today was their first date anniversary and they have a lifetime of fighting ahead of them.

Episode – Miley Jab Hum Tum S01E | TVmaze

Samrat proposes to Gunjan and she happily accepts and later they consummate their love. Benji also reveals his love to Dia. Season 1 Episode 79 Episode 79 Air Date: At the after party Samrat learns the truth about Suhaani as does Adhiraj.


Gunjan tells Samrat about the importance of marriage before leaving the party alone. Her parents, Shashi and Jsb, form a negative opinion about Mayank. Season 1 Episode 20 Episode 20 Air Date: Jaab 1 Episode 94 Episode 94 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 84 Episode 84 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 64 Episode 64 Air Date: DramaComedy Status: At a point, both Mayank and Ash takes Samrat’s advice to move forward.

Season 1 Episode 19 Episode 19 Air Date: Season 1 Episode 55 Episode 55 Air Date: The gang takes advantage of this and Adhiraj and the new Nupur begin to fall in love. Season 1 Episode 28 Episode 28 Air Date: Dhruv had also caused the accident three years ago.

Nupur goes into labor and gives birth epieode male twins.

Mayank promises to commit to Nupur.