Locust returns to the skies and begins attacking the highest grades of military technology. Lightning in a Battle Episode 4. Meanwhile Trey is assigned to security on the ship. Antartic Invasion Episode My Hero Episode Now the Pirates and the Metajets must find a way to work together to keep the skies safe from Black Cloud. End of the Line Episode Deep Secrets Episode

A group known as the Stunt Hawks begins taking the air by storm and gaining tons of fans, but when bank thieves begin begin showing up around all their shows the MetaJets begin to suspect they have their own agenda. Little does he know Viper is also there for Black Cloud. After defeating Zac by staying in his wind shear, Johnny ends up challenging Trey. Phantom Fleet Episode In the process they end up taking the two items Maggie finds most dear and sets her up against them. The Metajets come across an old scientific station that has been frozen for some unknown reason.

Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Metajets Episode 3 — City of Cybereloa. Doug goes missing after a weird electrical phenomenon known as the Pacific Triangle hits him.

However the Metajets grow suspicious when the Sky-riders seem to know all the needed rescues before they begin to occur. Metajets Cyberella 29 — My Hero. Night of the Living Center Episode Razor turns his back on Black Cloud after stealing one of their drone jets. Off the track is a different story. Abuse of the TV. When Curtis steals the ID’s of all Metajets and the agents working with them, Trey must find a way to show Captain Strong that Curtis has turned against them before it’s too late to stop Black Cloud from learning all their identities.

Can the Metajets find a way to save Johnny’s family and friends before it’s too late? Trey decides to prove that he doesn’t have a temper by avoiding going off for 24 hours.


When a reporter accuses Johnny of not respecting his fans because he always runs off, he has no choice but to invite his 1 fan on board ARC-1 and risk revealing his identity. At first he ketajets unhappy with it, but slowly he begins to realize there is something that isn’t right about Captain Curtis. General Raven has planted a tracking device to follow the electromagnetic field and gain control of it or destroy it, which ever one makes him feel better.

Can the MetaJets find a way to save Johnny and all the other pilots that have gone missing, or will Raven gain control of the sky with the technology? Metajets Episode 5 — Cyberella Man. With Johnny being swarmed by sponsors and with Locust on the prowl, it means the Metajets could face new trouble from multiple sides. The Metajets have a priority code 9 thrown at them by Black Cloud.

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It ends up the upgrade is merely a high frequency modulator that trips all the alarms and was created by an international art thief hoping to use this opportunity to steal the Mona Lisa. They hope to increase the growth of London by tearing down the one wall protecting the city from being flooded, but when the Metajets are brought in to contain them, the question everyone wants to know is which side will prevail?

Vanishing Point Episode Lady in Red Episode The New Recruit Episode 1. In the end only one side will prevail, but an old enemy could become more dangerous than ever as he relearns how to fly in the skies.

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. The World Council schedules a race in Antarctica to help advertise the testing of a new weather control device, but Black Cloud has helped secretly fund some of the project and plans to use the weather to their advantage episore all costs. Metajets Episode 40 — End Game, Part 2. A new crime syndicate known as the Scarlet Circle begins popping up across the world, so Johnny is sent in undercover to capture their leader.


When the Fontein clan is revealed to have ties to Black Cloud, it could prove to be trouble for all the Metajets. The MetaJets learn their previous attacks that worked now won’t against this episdoe swarm, but exactly why is the Cyberepla asking for help from inside his own swarm?

Little does he know Viper is also there for Black Cloud. The swarm of Dr.

Metajets Episode 4 – Lightning in a Battle

Metajets Episode 11 — Guard Duty. When the original ARC Carrier is found during an undersea expedition, the Metajets must race to the ship to recover data containing the identities of Metajets members from the past 30 years.

Zac and Trey are invited to participate in the unofficial Diabolo Debry, where the worlds top flight fighters compete for the top ranked bragging honor. If he loses one more race in last place he’ll lose his pro license and a spot on the Metajets. Johnny is assigned to transport Crusher to prison, but in the process Jetajets releases an electronic pulse which temporarily blinds him and causes him and Johnny to crash cyberdlla what appears to be a deserted island.