There are many scenes full stupidity that it feels like a gag. He looked at her anywhere in the house, but he found her nowhere. Dahan-dahan niyang inilapit ang kanyang mukha sa mukha ni Gustavo. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Mas madali na lang para sa kanila ang magsenyasan. He sees her just outside their house, crouched over something he cannot identify just yet.

He hoped it was Maria. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Mahinang-mahina ang boses nito, halos hindi na marinig ni Maria. Lurking and waiting to pounce on unsuspecting children. Greeted by the man who appeared from the left corner of the mansion. Some have seen her roaming villages, others claim that she’s now a manicurist in Negros. The desire to provide a better life for her family prompts Maria to apply for a job in Dubai.

There is a hole in his abdomen and his insides have been torn out.

Maria Labo, the scarred woman who preyed on the children of Iloilo

The cursed would eventually turn Maria into an aswang. Inisip niyang nagbakasyon lang ito sa kung saan at babalik na rin pagtagal-tagal.

Hindi man lang niya nahulaan na ang pagpasok niyang iyon ay ang kanyang huli. She knocked the door using the round metal hanging on the lion head door knocker. Great recap of the folklore! She knocked slowly at the door of Mr. She may not exist in records, but for many people who have heard her story Maria nodded, she understood the small question of her master.

Para siyang yelo sa lamig. Malaki ang nagbago sa pamilya ni Maria simula nang bumalik siya galing Espanya. Shortly, he witnessed a remorseful Maria crying nearby whose aswang persona then takes over once again.

All the people are very jealous of her when she arrived home. Inabot sila ng kalahating araw para lamang libutin ang buong mansion. Whenever he attempts to touch her for comfort, he always feel, as if, burned by the coldness of her body.


Maria Labo (Film) – TV Tropes

Damien takes his bolo and looks for his wife. Noong unang pagkakataon na nakapasok si Maria sa kwarto ni Gustavo halos hindi rin sila nagkita. There, she took care of an old man which, according to rumors, was possessed by the so-called “vampire” some “aswang” curse. Duguan ang buong katawan nito.



Tila may ibubulong ang kanyang amo. Lahat nahihintay na lang na mabagsakan ng isang bomba, para sabay-sabay na mamatay.

Kinukumutan siya ni Ermin at niyayakap, ngunit pakiramdam nito para lamang itong yumayakap sa hangin. Add the first question. Apat na buwan lang siyang namalagi sa Espanya, ngunit marami siyang dala-dalang pasalubong.

It maybe awful but it’s awfulness labl satisfying at best! Pagkalipas ng tatlong buwan, lumipad si Maria papuntang Espanya. Greeted by the man who appeared from the left corner of the mansion.

When he woke up the next day, Maria was not on her side. You often get Haters about these kinds of stories–we just need to brush those people off our shoulders and go on with our lives. The employer of Maria would always provide her with half-cooked liver to eat.

Hindi alam ni Maria ang isasagot.

She gazed in all directions, thinking she will find someone, however, no one welcomed her. When Ermin found out what she did, Maria was shot repeatedly by her husband but escaped outside their home. Maria didn’t know what to answer so she just nod. Tumango si Maria, naintindihan niya ang tanging tanong na itinanong sa kanya ng amo.

Sa isang lumang mansion, sa isang bayan na malayun-malayo sa siyudad napadpad si Maria. They are wondering very much of Maria’s coldness to them. Laslas ang leeg at sumisirit ang dugo mula dito. She went near them and kissed each of them, then when they woke up, they saw nothing or even saw any evidence that their mother went there. Today, aside from entertainment value, Filipino mothers often tell their children aswang stories to keep them off the streets and keep them home at night.


Lurking and waiting to pounce on unsuspecting children. Nagkunwari siyang tulog nang lapitan siya ng kanyang asawa. Inaasahan niyang si Maria na iyon. Maria and Ermin Labo resided in a small hut made of cogon and bamboo which was located near the foot of the mountain far from the village.

It is based on an Philippine urban legend about an Overseas Filipino worker believed to be an aswang known as “Maria Labo” who is said to have eaten her own children.

Because when she go out, she’ll be different from normal. Kagawad Lovella Palma of Barangay Akwit, Barotac, Nuevo — where Maria and Damien allegedly lived — similarly denied that such a horrifying crime occured in their town. Dali-daling tumayo si Ermin para pagbuksan ang pinto. The tale is particularly well known in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

He can’t imagine that Maria was dead for almost two months, in spite all the moneys and things she brought home. When they got no abundant harvest in their vegetable farm, Maria decided to go to her friend who was searching for domestic helpers who wanted to go to Spain.