She says people can change pain. Piyali says Jai used to lie a lot, I know I stopped him in Goa and even then you fell in pool first, and he used to get scolding on your behalf, tell him to hear your share of scolding once. Arjun asks really, I thought there was nothing between us. Sam says I will be attractive and confident and asks Neil. The team works happily. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

She nods and he leaves. The better sameil lookes,the worse sajun looks. Sam gives the papers to Radhika and says Arjun is not wishing to talk to me. Arjun asks her not to take much time to recall him. Welcome, Login to your account. He says I need energy to run after train and have to eat something. Neil shows thumps up. Sam asks about the sketch.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Arjun looks on and gets angry seeing them laughing and happy.

Neil smiles seeing Radhika working and says he wants to say thanks, 225th no sorry and thanks in friendship, so I wanted to give this blank paper. Manmarziyan…………plays……………Neil hugs his mum and cries.

Arjun comes to meet Sam. He asks where is Radhika, its her presentation first, does she think sleeping is imp. She says there is no limit of her happiness today, Radhika is great, she showed my way was wrong. He locks the door and takes the keys. Aham,you r a brilliant actor. Will u b here tomo morning?? The better sameil lookes,the worse 25hh looks.


She asks why is he so happy. Radhika waits for Chirag. He applies some cream and says cold cream to make her look manmxrziyan. Muskan 26th May – 1: The Episode starts with Radhika saying he is mad. He asks does she not know it, really? He says he will not let her do this and take Sam, and asks for keys.

He gets close to Sam and says its you and me. Ireena 27th May – 1: Sam sits silent while Radhika manmarziyam her work.

Manmarziyan: Neil And Samaira Lost, Watch Latest Episode 12th June 2015

Last updated May 26, Plz accept Neil …. Piyali and Sam are stunned. Bonnie signs a man.

The Episode starts with Arjun manmagziyan Bonnie planning against Radhika. Neil comes to Radhika and pulls her cheeks. The Episode starts with Arjun sending Sam. Welcome, Login to your account. Todays episode is a drag …but neil totally stole the show. Neil says we are made by failing the pain and fear, come to conference room for my sake, please.


Manmarziyan: Neil And Samaira Jungle Romance, Watch Latest Episode 12th June 2015

Sam comes to Arjun and he asks shall I leave. Sam says Arjun is not mad. Neil looks on getting sad from within. Arjun says we will meet in morning, for the presentation. Radhika says its perfect for Sam.

Manmarziyan 26th May Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Neil says everything will be fine. She says yes, I trust myself, anything by happen by trust. Piyali comes to her and says your voice did not reach him, even I tried a lot.

The way Arjun smiled at radhika,I feel that soon he will fall for her.