Parvati’s friends ask Mahadev to recite a poem as a token gift to enter the house. He reveals that Jata is none other than Lord Shiva. Some shepherds direct the path to Mahadev’s procession. Prasuti blames Madnike for Sati’s attraction towards Shiva. Mahadev grants permission to Rati and Kamdev to decorate Himalaya on the occasion of his and Sati’s union. Parvati is delighted to learn that Mahadev has gone to arrange gifts for her. Prasuti is scared to think if Daksh constrains Lord Shiva to lose temper. Nagraj Kadru and Vidyunmali attack Naresh and keep him as hostage.

On the other hand, Bahurupa comes to kill Adishakti. Maharshi Markandeya asks Him Naresh to leave his wife and daughter in his ashram. Nandi defeats one of the scholars in silent eristic. Vidyunmali gets scared and runs away when Lord Shiva appears. Trying to hide her worries, Revati, finally admits the dejections that she has been facing in her married life. Sukarna comes to Kailash and wishes to attend Mahadev’s marriage in the form of a kid. Our 5 Favorite Things About the Oscars.

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Parvati renders the mantra for Meenavati’s recovery. Ganga desires to marry Mahadev. Full Cast and Crew. Lord Shiva tells Sati that he will accept her as his wife when she will be aware of her powers. The show has some amazing moments, great music and awesome performances by the main characters.

Sati informs Madanike that she is not interested in Mahadev. After hearing to Mahadev’s heart breaking words, Sati makes it clear that she won’t stop loving him and sends him back telling that she will never call him for help.

Sati is surprised to know that Daksh is planning her marriage. But Shiva refuses to accept the gifts, saying that being a demigod Sati will not require these things. Mahadev lets off Daksh’s life with a warning that if he ever tries to harm Sati, no power in the universe would save him. As the time flows, Sati’s body begins to radiate.


Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev

Parvati takes Menavati’s permission and meets Mahadev. Parvati meets Rishi Dadhichi and pays her gratitude to him. Learn more More Like This. Narad muni, Chandrama and Nandi request Mahadev to visit Sati, but in vain. Parvati wishes for Lord Shiva to accept her as his wife.

Instead of using fruits and flowers, Narad suggests Parvati to use eipsode leaves and bhasma. Jata agrees to revamp Sadbhish’s personality on the condition that Sati stays with him until his work is finished. Sati’s health begins to get worse. Parvati decides to reduce the grief of Lord Shiva. Shukracharya tries to stop him but in vain.

Prajapati asks Sati to bid them farewell with a smile. Mahadev’s devotees dance in his wedding procession but they become worried because of the sudden snow fall. Menavati asks Parvati to stop Mahadev’s pooja, however Narad conveys to Menavati that this ritual is very auspicious. Rishi Durvasa becomes angry and curses that Mahadev’s marriage will not be possible in his reclusive form.

Later, Rishi Durvasa feels guilty but Lord Vishnu tells him that his curse will result in the welfare of the universe. When Vidyunmali attacks Parvati, Mahadev appears and saves her. Was this review helpful to you? Lakshmi asks Daksh to follow her bare foot leaving his men to visit Mahaadev. Tarakasur’s warriors try to attack on the deities, but Rishi Dadhichi rescues the deities by using his miraculous power.

The story presently narrates how Goddess Shakti’s human incarnation Sati, grand daughter of Lord Brahma and daughter of Prajapati Daksha a staunch devotee of Lord Episide and Queen Parvati is reunited with Shiva after Shakti was separated from him for the benefit of the universe. Khyati and Aaditi impatiently await Dpisode arrival pondering over the reason of her delay.

Some shepherds direct skdmfan path to Mahadev’s procession.

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Prasuti lectures Sati to be truthful for leading a happy life and insists her to confess that she has come out episoed Mahadev’s hallucinations in front of Prajapati.


It leads her to the Rishis, who tell her that the Vishnu idol being created by her father is incomplete without a shivaling. Rishi Dadhichi prepares for a special place for Mahadev in the Mahamandal meeting while Parajapati Daksh appreciates Dadhichi’s efforts. Mahadev instructs the Saptarishis to test Parvati. On Chandrama’s denial, Daksh decides to punish him.

Parvati challenges Mahadev to make the rishi patnis worship him in front of their husbands.

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Prasuti protests Daksh’s decision of Sati’s marriage. Revati tells Prajapati Daksh that she does not wish to go to Chandralok.

Tarakasur is infuriated on his unsuccessful attempt in killing Adi Shakti.

Rishi Dadhichi is astonished to see Parvati playing Mahadev’s dambroo melodiously. Daksh asks Mahadev to get rid off the snake and leather clothes to participate in the yajna.

Nandi, on the other hand decorates Kailash awaiting Devi Sati’s arrival as Mahadev’s wife. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Shri Krishna TV Series She desires Mahadev to welcome her to Kailash. Narad Muni gives the name Parvati to Menavati’s daughter. Sukarna does not let Jata to go but Sevakram convinces him saying that Jata is going to bring maternal aunt for him.

Sukarna’s mother identifies him as Mahadev. Mahadev explains the perception of love to Parvati and asks her to come along with him to Kailash to start their married life. Sati tells Parvati about her past life and asks her to keep the Damaru with herself.