That’s the movie I saw in the trailers, the one I expected to see. To follow the story and recognise characters motivations does require a little concentration, but not to the point that you wont enjoy the action beats and other more visceral elements. The meeting between the younger and older Joes in the diner is perhaps the most interesting scene in the film as it underscores the contrast between the more impulsive younger self with the more seasoned, experienced older one. Post tags and flairs All posts, links or self-posts, need to have tags prefixed to the titles. And then there are the superpowers. Looper Official Trailer [HD]:

In the end, Looper proves only mildly interesting. Dan Mintz Executive Producer. There was actually laughter in the cinema when Levitt morphs into Willis. Writing Rian Johnson Writer. I don’t want to rant about this too much but I thought of all the ways they could depict time travel. If I created a copy of myself from 0. Once these hit men the loopers live their lives for thirty years, the syndicate decides to dispose of them by sending them back to , where they’ll be disposed of, sometimes even by their younger selves.

Instead, I got a lazily strung together generic action movie with a splash of time travel and super- powers. If the Looper second half feels a bit slower than the sugtitles, that’s because director Rian Johnson spends a little too much time out on the farm, with Joe courting Sara Emily Blunt.

Kevin Stillwell Gat Man. Which I never had a problem with. Link Password is the name of this sub reddit. My first problem with ‘Looper’ is the overall concept. In true Bruce Willis fashion, the aging ‘Die Hard’ legend, is up to his old tricks, by machine-gunning most of the bad guys, sans Kid Blue, who appears out of nowhere on his flying motorcycle and immediately gets himself killed, instead of Joe, who is his intended target.

Shallow and lacking in realism. Jon Eyez Gat Man. There is virtually no action either – unless you count Bruce Willis’s character shooting defenseless toddlers for which the certificate should surely be more than 15or needless torture and execution scenes. They never actually englizh WHY the first thing the rain man wanted to do was to kill the loopers in the future.


Looper YIFY subtitles

As soon as the younger version shot himself at the end, then he couldn’t have lived to meet the woman in China and eventually travel back in time, which means he couldn’t have ever caused his past self to meet the rain sbutitles, and so the rain man would not be standing there in the corn field.

The notion that you can chop someone leg or whatever off and their “future self” will lose it is completely absurd. On top of this, subtitlds whole plot in general is very hard to swallow and lacks in verisimilitude.

Post tags and flairs Looprr posts, links or self-posts, need to have tags prefixed to the titles. I was never bored. Unfortunately the film does neither of these plots well, and ends up ruining both. So the second half of ‘Looper’ feels much more like fantasy-horror than Sci-fi action thriller.

This list of subtitles are taken from opensubtitles. Younger Joe sacrifices himself, preventing older Joe from killing Sara. The story never really addressed or capitalized on Bruce Willi’s character being evil.

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Subtitles Looper

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. We’re asked to be content with meeting little Cid, our future Rainmaker, who has telekinetic powers coupled with a severe anger management problem.

Where the hell did that come from? In addition to the mandatory tagging of the post titles, ie: The dynamics of time travel in this film are completely unbelievable. His 30 year old future self Bruce Willis appears but manages to prevent younger Joe from doing him in. Edition Bob Ducsay Editor. But to me, this film starts englisy story and then switches in mid-stream to a story stemming from a second, unrelated science fiction premise.


There is just a lot of running away from people taking badly aimed pot shots. Interesting idea–even if it’s not very plausible. It’s explained that in the subtitlds bodies are ‘tagged’ so by sending them back in time, they cannot be traced.

A crime syndicate in the future wants to dispose of its victims by sending them 30 years back into the past and have them disposed of by hit men, who they pay with bars of silver.

I was very frustrated by the little amount of effort that was put in to creating a futuristic society. This happens a lot. If I created a copy of myself from 0.

After watching Looper yesterday, i’m happy to report that Rian Johnson has removed those doubts and given me hope that sci-fi in Hollywood can be more than just empty spectacle. However, they DO establish certain rules about time travel during the film, which they then break, re-establish and break again whenever it is convenient for the writers.

And then there’s the 30 year montage. Younger Joe, before he takes his own life, is a criminal and a drug addict and older Joe, is responsible for murdering the second child on his list of three potential Rainmakers.

Frank Brennan Old Seth.

The rain man would have grown up and taken over the world in the same way he did before, and Bruce Willis’s wife would still be dead. First off i would say, don’t get discouraged from watching the film if you think its going to be too complex or difficult to follow.