Mingpao Weekly, Issue Translation: As weird as it is, I was rooting for him since he was just a low-ranked gangster in Yi Fung and I loved watching his confidence growth from tht to a big time gangster. Final Thoughts I found it quite difficult to assess how much I liked this series, as opposed to how much I was let down by it. Understandable I know but he seems very newbie-like. I mean Im pretty sure there were instances where he had to take matters into his own hands because of changing circumstances right? The writers killed him.

She seemed very inexperienced and trying too hard to act like a respected Madam. OK I also liked how Paris, while she decided to follow Michael into Yi Fung, still remained a strong, independent, smart character. I was always excited to watch the next episode, but some of the stuff did not seem that believable such as them believing Laughing so easily! Damian Lau is always good, and when he plays sharp and observant, you have to give it to him. However she portrays a characters that boosted Bosco acting indirectly. Battle of the Taiwanese Dessert House and Lat Keung escaped from prison and went crazy because he could not take the stress of being an undercover cop.

Bosco Wong Micheal aka “Pai Ko”. Post- Brazilian Waxing 1 Week. Working as an undercover for many years, Laughing Michael Tse escapes gvb all calamity.


Lives of Omission

September 15, at 5: After these occurrences, director Kung retired from CIB. Oh how much do I love thee? But what IS a drama without rvb eh? This trick has been used too often by TVB. Set in the s in Canton, Republic of China, the gangsters are on a rampage and opium trading is rampant. He’s not even good looking to began with.

It gradually shifts from being an acts-driven drama to a talk-driven drama. Laughing is sarcastic and opinionated, but I have to say that brings out synopwis best in Madam Jo. The fact that there were so many undercovers throughout the series made it quite interesting.

There were also a lot of flashbacks which I felt were repetitive… Overall, it was omkssion enjoyable series but it unfortunately did not make it to my top favourites of the year.

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September 25, at It sgnopsis suspenseful, and the reason why Laughing became so popular was because his character had so much depth and unpredictability. BUT he has iconic roles. He died in the hands of police officers. It just seemed like a lot of the story was missing. The drama is a spin-off of TVB’s successful television crime drama E.

Review: “Lives of Omission” (TVB ) |

You get a sense the character is layered, conflicted, and leaves it more mysterious, like a real person. I agree with you.


I kinda have the same feeling too. Michael did it to save both of them from being killed by international triad members. Can’t stop raving about how good he is.

You either write parallel plots or write a main plot that branches into side plots. It probably seems too bland and boring if everyone was all happy at the end; there’s no point denying that Madam Jo and Bai Co’s death really left a deeper impression on snopsis audience.

To sidetrack a little, EU is currently airing in Singapore now, and re-watching EU again, it was a good chance for me to compare both series.

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So was his body language. The Other Truth [New Series]: Laughing was really the soul of the series, but even he was too underused to convince me this was really something synosis.

The presence of so many double-crossers should have provided a new dynamic to the genre. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. People have different ways of expressing emotions.