Ten minutes later I realize I just wasted my time defending myself on the internet again. A coke head cop is brought out of suspension in order to trail a local prostitute who may become the next victim of a serial killer known as The Scalper. This is a very brilliant episode. Enjoyed the commentaries for the videos posted here. Marzgurl in particular said something along the lines of “I’m hurt that people I thought of as friends [wouldn’t defend me? Really, who else wants to just yell at Allison to move on with her life already and let this go? When an ex-con and an ex-cop can’t have a child together, they help themselves to one of another family’s quintuplets, causing their lives to become more complicated than they anticipated!

Yeah, obvious it was pre-Ultimatum review considering Doug says hi to her, and she says hi back. Content must relate to Channel Awesome V. In one of the Jesus Bro behind the scenes videos, we actually see Doug and Allison interact briefly. The Dark Side of the Internet: A slightly disturbed and painfully shy young girl is sent away to summer camp with her cousin. I apologize for that.

But they used to be friends, and appear in some videos together, sometimes making up a trio with Phelous. As for the movie, an interesting collaboration on a terrible movie Trianna is now blonde, for some reason. With Brad, cinea wrote the Manimal script so that was his thing.

In a bit of Black ComedyBrad suggests that they keep the take with the actual punch in the review. You two did a great job in ripping it apart.

You and Brad do work cnema together almost as well as you and Spoony. I’ve got a triple-dose of commentaries for people to enjoy!


They stayed friends well after she left CA and seemed to still be friends after all the ChangeTheChannel stuff happened, but I bet she expected him to eventually leave since so many were jumping ship. I’ve got it loading now. Linkara, it seems as though you’ve had the misfortune of coming across a lot of fictional cannibalism in the past couple of months, what with cinemaa Ultimatum review and everything.


They took it personally because they both considered him a friend; but it was one of those things where two of your friends have a falling out, and you don’t want to take sides, but your friends stop coming around because they know you’re hanging out with that person they hate. If she has THAT much of a hate for Doug specifically that she’s willing to end friendships if people don’t just up and leave the place she despises despite polarising opinions about said place, then maybe the problem isn’t with that place.

Last year, I had a REALLY big fallout with one of my closest friends, she managed to convince a good portion of our close mutual friends that I was a horrible human being and got them to all turn on me.

These people should be ashamed of themselves; Bimbos BC is worse than, oh I don’t know, Tommy Wiseau’s the Room and we all know how bad it really is. Now if you don’t quit your job with me, then we’re not friends anymore. It looks like it was shot with someone’s camcorder. That movie and comic suck. I am asking more for clarification and which do you think is more worthwhile for someone without DC experience.

Not much else I can say, I will miss them working together. No unwanted commercial content III. Always fun to hear the commentary.

Atop the Fourth Wall: Bimbos BC

Get Known if you don’t have an account. I love to hear just what goes on behind the scenes.

The only footage from Bimbos BC in that sequel was a recap in the beginning, as it is a true sequel! Did you watch the review? A large Halloween mask-making company has plans to kill millions of American children with something sinister hidden in Halloween masks.


You used a piece of music from Lord Of The Rings in this, to show their march being slow. There should have been a Crystal Pepsi mention with ’90’s Kid. Making someone choose between two friends you care for, and one of sjob friends is the one making you have to choose. I’ve seen ya’ll’s fight scenes ; snlb Submit a new link.

Brad and Allison Aren’t Friends? : ChannelAwesome

Linjara Bimbos BC, I just needed a way to get us both reviewing it and I knew we were going to do the transition from the Manimal to the Bimbos BC one, so we just kind of made it up on the fly after we filmed it I had the Bimbos BC review script done before I saw the Manimal script.

Do you share the ad revenue or something? First crossober is a commentary for the classic Wolverine: I know you like 52, so I guess the real question is will my lack of DC crossovdr spoil 52, and is it worth reading as an origin story? A sleazy businessman plans on murdering his wife, but upon returning home, he finds that she has already been kidnapped by a young couple who he previously screwed over; though instead of paying the ransom he revels in the delight that she is now gone.