Infinity was an amazing ending to the couple I have come to adore. Wipe the scowl off of your face. Cannot even count the number of times I reread the other three books over the last few weeks. There’s love, life, death, babies, new relationships , and emotions of all kinds brought out. It’s true my a series of what live, love, and happiness is all about. This can no longer be about Graham and me torturing each other, him unwilling to embrace my private relationship demands, and me not able to publicly support his brand of humor and politics. God, what a metaphor for my heart. They are believable, not perfect and despite their status and station in life, they are faced with real issues a lot of real people faced every day.

In this book we journey with them in the “happily” ever after part of their marriage. But on the whole it’s less angsty than the rest of the series and I was expecting a little more fight between them. Harper writes with an angsty edge that borders on maddening. Their chemistry is out of this world. Tuesday, September 29, “The World: It’s because I so wanted to craft their story perfectly. You are drawn so deeply into the story, that you are a part of the ride that Colin and Charlie are on.

Her face is pink and hair flying as she balls up her fists, attempting to hit me.

Wipe the scowl off of your face. If he could be a lesser man then I could nurse my broken heart in private while I prepared to raise this child alone. Return to Book Page. This big, strong, tough man has been reduced to tears. Her phone is still in my hand. It’s true my a esries of what live, love, and happiness is all about. I didnt want to because I fell in love with the characters and didnt want to say goodbye. It really is a great series, a real gem.

My final day is the last Wednesday of the month. The writer grew and wrote with more confidence in each installment. And peub series ends with a quality “gotcha” Epilogue. Ephb can say that I could care less about rachael or aidens books, I want Ainsley’s, like.


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Contest ends on Wednesday, September 9. And more importantly, that you don’t give up. The harpper that it remained to be a totally fantastic read from book 1 to 4 is an amazing achievement in its own.

The two most stubborn people who both cried and begged to keep their partner in their lives couldn’t have been written any better than this.

After one night of tears, my husband told me to just give them the fairy tale and move on. Reading this series made me think how difficult life can be just because you can throw a football!

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Layne was releasing a fourth book…and what a book it was. Each book gets better and better. How laynr can it be raising a child? To view it, click here. She can make a snow cone that rivals the best in the world. Trying to save her dad’s practice and do right by everyone including herself seems to be hard to figure out at first but when surprises pop up her world is thrown for another round.

I spin around quickly and grab her under her arms, lifting her off the ground. The sweetness when these two are infinty is definitely pure magic.

Read all three back to back and I’m exhausted from the angsty roller coaster that is their love. Having said that Colin fing McKinney is my forever book boyfriend and Caroline is my hero.

It just means that sometimes we love each other a little too loudly.

Her alabaster-toned legs cross at the ankle and contrast beautifully against my black refrigerator. And Aiden and Rachael too. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It wan’t because I didn’t have ideas or couldn’t force myself to put words on the paper. I couldn’t wait to devour the next book when finishing each of the first three. I throw myself against his back, wrapping my arms desperately around his waist.


In the years they were separated, Colin became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but was still chasing his Super Bowl dream. Posted by Layne Harper at 8: They may not have a normal life because of Colin’s career, but the bottomline harpdr that, it’s a story about “a boy infinitely in love with a girl.

Then, he reaches up and rubs uarper thumb over his eyes. I carefully pick up my hand and place it over his heart, longing to feel his pulse under my palm. The juxtaposition of his body cocooning mine and his words are somewhat laughable.

Layne Harper: Author

I was asked for an honest review by the author well here it is But, I’m a sucker and needed to know the ending. The story definitely needed all installments to fully comprehend the complex story of Colin and Haprer and how they are able to co This is the fourth and seires installment of the Infinity series.

It is honest, hot, raw, emotional, heartbreaking and befitting of the love and passion between Colin F’n McKinney and Dr. It’s very different from anything that I’ve written and the characters make me excited to race to my computer every morning.

Jun 05, April Warren rated it it was amazing. Charlie as well, she has sacrificed a lot in her life to present in this relationship. It’s been a long one, thankfully the wait between books wasn’t long, but Layne Harper gave this couple the ending they deserved and I flicked the final page with a smile on my face.

May 10, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: