Why can’t Luea admit her sins on all the things she did, just because her desire for making Lady Diana a Top of Lady is too much? The story focuses on collecting all the lost Jewelpets who were scattered in Takaragaseki City on Earth and foiling the plans of the Evil Dark Magic user Diana. Though they didn’t really show who won yet Damn Momona’s making moves on Miura. Or must be all the mysteries surrounding him. I never expect for Lillian to pair up with Romeo again and Miura with Momona. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I was actually cheering for Lillian to win Cayenne over Mainly it’s Luea’s fault on how Lillian acted rudely at first towards Momona, Luea even praised how well she delivered her sarcastic and insulting remarks.

Model, Can you meet him!? For tea at the library for the bento using the jewelpad and etc. Cayenne and Miura both have hoodies. Either Romeo is really tall, or Lillian is really short, or both And wow, like the fourth straight episode with a giant villain Well, I guess Cayenne and Miura are not the same person. Why can’t Luea admit her sins on all the things she did, just because her desire for making Lady Diana a Top of Lady is too much? Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series.

But they seem to have rules on certain things to maintain order. She wants to reveal jewekpet Momona is a fake lady candidate. I’m saying Momona’s relationship with Cayenne had affected her interactions with other people. King’s Traveling Heart” Transcription: BBCode Modified by ooo, Sep 26, She thinks badly of him. Like Lillian being friendly with them now because Momona tried reaching out to her.

I wonder what’s her color scheme is though. All have Become Kings” Transcription: Views Read Edit View history. She trusted Miura, so I think that she was the first to see him someone who’s nice deep inside his heart. So he rwa released early.

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Two songs were made for both the Opening and Ending themes of the series. Kinda like what happened with Jewelpet Sunshine. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. She stayed to spite Cayenne.


What if that Lady might actually be one of the aldy we already saw?? That was the task where Momona felt confident she can excell without anyone’s help Thinking he’s just a rude guy without any redeeming qualities, until she got to know him and when Romeo told her that Cayenne is the nicest guy second to him. She told Momona that the music played in the dance floor is the same as the music box. If you check the ladg background lady candidates they also wear sailor uniform type of clothes, like Momona.

In agreement, Garnet uses her magic and Miyamato comes and eats onokoyami. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Jewelpet Universe Jewel Pod. Rinko is Taitou’s Girl? Thinking he is rude and with no redeeming qualities until she got to know him. All seventeen volumes have been released, with the first 16 has 3 episodes while the last volume having 4 episodes.

Lady Jewelpet Episode 3 レディジュエルペット

XD True the bread klin does bother me in some way, they’d probably emphasize it in later episodes we have like 27 more Your standards for character development differs from mine.

Sure she’s not elegant, sure she’s not perfect, BUT this does not represent who she is. Miura with the teasing, how cute.

I disagreed with you, because I believe she did change and develop. Oh dear god are you gonna bring how Cayenne and Momona “hated” each other, cause in those episodes they both got jealous of other people hanging out with them separately, so ladj romance and how they actually felt was pretty obvious.

Also with the seifuku, I remember Momona’s school seifuku to have a more elegant design if I recall it’s blue? Momona still remains the same, A cheerful, kind and clumsy girl who is idealistic and basically holds no real grudge against people. My point is, each character has their own default style and episodde not like the JP rules are clear to us regarding what to wear and how to act. And after watching these 25 episodes, Lady Mizuki is by far the best episodr in this anime.


Lady Jewelpet Episodio 3 (Legendado Pt-Br)

The Opening theme is titled “Really? Lady Jewelpet Episode 30 Discussion. Cayenne also lied and said they never kissed during the first task. Though if she met Miura first instead of Cayenne, I wonder how things will turn out. For tea at the library for rqw bento using the jewelpad and etc.

Her feelings summoned Rin’s Jewel Charm, who’s not willing to help if they make her laugh. This is the time where the animation goes top notch, even for a short scene. He got annoyed during the date because Momona said it’s good the kiss never happened, because she wants jeelpet first kiss to be with a prince on a white horse not some accident or due to her being clumsy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On ep7 Mizuki, Momona and Charon wore different clothes.

Lillian got scared when a awfully familiar music starts to play. Surprisingly she knows both Lecter and Boot before she advices the Jewelpets to channel all their magic to the masked lady, and Cayenne as well. And rather episod first time I see the princes get injured in a serious matter, yes the ladies ladg to help them but Luea blocked Lillian.

But I’m curious on what happened on ep12, it seems he and Luea shared a look.

Since that happened, Lillian has been rather useless. Luea blamed Miura from the music being played since the intended to put the record in. I was actually cheering for Lillian to win Cayenne over