Sana leaves to film a movie in a secluded mountain area. Retrieved October 18, Sana gets a glimpse of a family very different from her own, Akito’s family. Haya-moth turns everyone into moths. They believe that they are being targeted. Later, she wonders why she didn’t run away from his kiss.

Grandma Shizuka brings with her quite a few other visitors. Sana learns about Akito’s weakness, a fear of heights, and tries to exploit it, but fails to think it through. When will kodocha episode come out? The tyrant student council president, Ayuzawa Misaki secretly working as a waitress in a french maid uniform for part-time. After her mother’s death, Tohru Honda finds herself living with the Sohma family consisting of three cousins: This Anime is Hilarious! She finds out Rei is not truly in love with her “Mr. Akito stresses about trying to buy a gift for Sana, and Sana stresses about a job.

So much has happened in the past year for Sana and her friends. When they were about to say their feelings, Tsuyoshi and the others interrupt. Sana kodocja a little more grown-up about Asako and Rei. The story of super hyper child star Sana Kurata. Retrieved from ” https: Akito begins studying karate, but isn’t happy with his first lessons. She finds that Akito is on the bed next to her, sleeping, she gets up and makes an escape just as he’s waking up.

Both Akito and Naozumi vie to help Sana through the pressures of intense media attention.

(dub). asion dub. || pretear ep 11 eng dub.

Gomi does some shoplifting, and then he runs away. She decides eisode give Aono a pleasant surprise, to Akito’s objections. How many episodes of kodocha are there? The Hayama family are surprise guests, invited by her matchmaking grandmama. During the Quiz Show, Babbit is having fun at Sana’s expense. Gomi realizes what he has done. They start to brawl, but Sana threatens to release the picture of Akito if he fights back because Sana insists violence is not the answer.


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The story of Lady Oscar, a female military commander who served during the time of the French Revolution. Sana Kurata 51 episodes, Chris Cason Kldocha all wear masks to conceal their identities. Nakao a kid in the same room as Akito joins the club and Akito helps him with the Karate training. They hug each other and almost confess their feelings for each other, but get interrupted. As the series goes on, Sana and Akito resolve some of their differences and we follow the unlikely pair as they deal with their own pasts along with such issues as divorce, love triangles, child abandonment, and many episods.

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Afterward, Misako and Sana have a heart-to-heart talk. If you watch episode 82 it’ll show you what happened back in japan dub sana and naozumi went to new york. Naozumi had dumped Sana Sana doesn’t understand the subject she’s trying to teach for her new job.

Edit Did You Know? Depressed by the death of Takeshi, Sana leaves for the mountains and Akito convinces her to come home.

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Due to an event that had happened when Akito was still causing trouble, Mami is scared of Akito, and Sana of course tries to fix this. Sana meets her biological mother and her half-sister. Is this the end of their relationship? Gary tells everyone that Naozumi is his son and that he is going to raise Naozumi as a big star. One day, the most popular boy Usui Takumi discover her secret and start to have interest in her.


He dies at the end from a chronic disease with Sana in his arms. They meet a boy named Brad, who looks identical to Hayama. One is a total diva, who despises Sana. Episode 37 Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss. She then gets her heart broken. Sana is throwing a Christmas party. Principal Narunaru goes on a business trip, and Ms.

Now that Fuka is temporary blinded, she realizes that Sana still likes Akito and vice versa. So Sana and Naozumi continue to sing, and attempt to get this law reprieved.

They realize that it is all Gary’s fault.

Fuka also slaps Akito in this episode. They ended up having snowball fight. Hamilton while Sana and Naozumi start rehearsal.

Akito and Sana kiss for the last time in neg anime and Akito says that after he receives his black belt in Karate, he has something to tell Sana.

Akito was unsure what to get for Sana so he asks his friend and sister. The play is cancelled and she loses her mind. Magical girl Sana tries to defeat Mecha-Hayama but is unexpectedly stopped by Akito.

There is episodes the first 51 episodes are dubbed and are subbed and i can’t find and if you don’t believe me go to anime international’s website it has ko … docha’s episode guide. Rei gets upset because of a love scene. When she finds Akito, she acts as his Mom and realizes he has a fever.