The interaction between the proposed MST and a temperature measuring system is also reflected in order to study the error of determining the TC error in situ during operation. This solution for test signal generation includes significant improvements of computer-based signal generator presented and described in the previously published paper [1]. The technique used is based on a non-invasive light absorption method. Taking vector force test device VFTD as example, a novel dynamic design method for improving first-order natural frequency by increasing structure stiffness is proposed. The experimental method simplified the experimental procedure and the spherical mirror could reduce the influences of rotation errors of gimbal mount axes on the measurement accuracy of the laser tracking system. Meanwhile, the corresponding virtual reference point was determined in accordance with the number of blades between consecutive phases. This novel instrumentation was compared with uncooled and cooled copper coils. Secondly, a compressive measurement algorithm is proposed by the means of steady-state optimization to accurately measure the electrical energy.

Several methods of analog to information conversion are described with focus on numerical complexity and implementation in existing embedded devices. X-ray computed tomography CT is increasingly recognized as a promising measuring technique for dimensional metrology. The problem was divided into regions for which the magnetic vector potential of a filamentary coil was established applying the truncated region eigenfunction expansion method. Stiffness of VFTD is improved by adopting multiple supports based on the stiffness interval. We conclude that curve alignment significantly improves the prediction of the daily measures, especially in the case of the S2-related sleep states or slow wave sleep. In this paper, the extremely low frequency magnetic field produced by the tablet computers is explored. For this purpose, a test set up has been built to measure the lower leg length directly on the knee surface and with the help of a plate. The subpixel edge location accuracy and computation speed are improved.

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Spectral characteristics of the recorded vibration signals are then analyzed statistically, and compared visually and numerically. In the paper the set of representative parameters for a comprehensive assessment of the surface texture status after slide burnishing has been proposed.

Short-circuit current represents a danger for the kocurrk of the power transformer. Then, the results are classified by the Self-Organizing Map method in order to create different levels of safety or danger concerning the magnetic field to which tablet computer users are exposed.

However, analysis of the sleep probabilistic curves is problematic when time misalignment is present. This paper presents a fundamental and accurate approach to study numerical analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer inside a channel. This paper presents a novel experimental approach for confirming that spherical mirror of a laser tracking system can reduce the influences of rotation errors of gimbal mount axes on the measurement accuracy.


Improved experimental natural frequency is obtained with the hammering method to show rationality of the kocurfk design method.

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The authors also capy antennas on an optoelectronic sensor system to perform measurements remotely. The article presents the possibilities of using the kocurke of conditional average value of a delayed signal CAV and the function of conditional average value of a delayed signal absolute value CAAV to determine the time delay estimation TDE of random signals. This novel instrumentation was compared with uncooled and cooled copper coils. In this study, we describe the design of a high impedance preamplifier and a high temperature superconductor HTS coil.

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Nonlinear least-square fitting procedure employing differential evolution algorithm was successfully utilized for performing this task. This work presents an axially symmetric mathematical model of an I-cored coil placed over a two-layered conductive material with a cylindrical surface hole. Line-shape fitting procedure enabling efficient signal de-noising and background subtraction of wavelength modulation spectra was implemented into an kockrek code.

The calg is recovered with minimal information loss from the reduced data record via compressed sensing reconstruction. The authors describe experimental and theoretical analyses of faults of power transformer winding.

It was caused by degradation of the image contrast by scattered radiation. In the vacuum thermoforming process, the product deviations depend on several parameters of the system, which make the analysis, the computational modeling, and the optimization of errors a multi-variable process with conflicting objectives. However, the crowns of teeth are not visible in standard MRI scans. The concrete, however, exhibits such characteristics only on the condition that the steel fibers in the final, hardened composite have been distributed evenly.

The current methods to evaluate the distribution and concentration of a fiber composite are either destructive or exhibit a limited capability of evaluating the concentration and orientation of the fibers. This paper presents an approach to estimate the orientation of the rectangular defect in the ferromagnetic specimen using the magnetic flux leakage technique. The article describes an approach to measure child growth using a coordinate measuring arm.

In this paper the authors present the sensor system, the test and calibration of its components together with the results and the error analysis, demonstrating experimentally what is the maximum and the minimum readable range. X-ray computed tomography CT is increasingly recognized as a promising measuring technique for dimensional metrology.

Measurement of Physical Quantities.

However, the traditional BTT method is only suitable for constant-speed operations. In order to simplify the experimental process, the motion of biconvex lens is substituted by the motion of spherical mirror according to the principle of relative motion. In this paper, the characteristics of flow analysis and heat analysis in a channel have been investigated. Calculations were made in Matlab for a hole with various radii and the results thereof were verified with the finite element method in COMSOL Multiphysics package.


This method can be used in improvement of first-order natural frequency in test structure.

Analysis of both the DCE- and DSC-MRI data is reformulated so that they are approximated by the same pharmacokinetic model constrained distributed capillary adiabatic tissue homogeneity model. The calculation of the several metrics was verified through different combinations that implied using and not using the Hamming window and a low-pass filter.

To tackle this problem, a new BTT method based on multi – phases is proposed. The proposed analyses show that it is necessary to analyze the value of short-circuit current.

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By means of the statistical simulation methods, the practical interference immunity of the introduced demodulator, together with the influence of phase locking errors have been tested. We have developed an optoelectronic sensor system to determine the mass of deposited dust and the resuspension rate. Low-field MR scanners, usually with an open design, are suitable for claustrophobic and obese patients, as well as for children, who may be fearful in closed MR scanners.

To this end, various methods have been devised, of filk, the blade tip-timing BTT technique is considered the most promising. Repeated measurements of intermarker distances in MRI and in a replica model was compared using linear regression analysis.

The standard Rechtschaffen and Kales sleep model produces discrete representation of sleep and does not take into account its dynamic structure.

In addition, its aim is to evaluate the influence of different types of used scan sequences, different settings of slice orientation and scan parameters on the energy and spectral properties of vibration and noise generated by the gradient coil system of the MRI device. The accuracy of the results of tomographic measurements is kocrek by many factors, one of which is the setting of the threshold value. Faults were caused by mechanical effect of short-circuit currents.

In this paper, the extremely low frequency magnetic field produced by the tablet computers is explored. Compared cqly the approaches used to date, the proposed technique is based on the evaluation of the electrical impedance Z in the band close to the resonance of the sensor—sample configuration.

Jacek Bartman, Bogdan Kwiatkowski: For discrete CAV and CAAV estimators, the standard uncertainties of the estimation of function values at extreme points and the standard uncertainties of the TDE were given and compared with the corresponding uncertainties for kicurek direct discrete cross-correlation function CCF estimator.