Just write first thing that come to head. Where did the show fall? The end of 3 year peace The multi-year ceasefire is up. Oops, sutiben thought that finished writing everything but forgot the recap of the whole drama! After that, we never hear from him ever again. Invade Biryeo now or never Murong Un surprisingly escapes from certain death but not in a fancy way you may be thinking.

Thoughts on Gwanggaeto Dae Wang The Gwanggaeto series has wrapped up but what does everybody think about it? Download King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode 6. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy reading all the summaries below. Where did sutiben even get the idea to write a summary of each episode? Can he survive especially with Iyeong not too far behind? Unleashing the rage on Houyan The moment the Koguryeo princess inhaled her last breath, both countries knew the time has come: Made suti happy happy. Uncover the big picture.

Newer Post Older Post Home. How long do you take to think up such things? Being inscribed with over chinese characters, the Chinese, of course, use the steele as evidence of the Chinese nature of the Goguryeo civilisation. Your the idiot here. Blamed for messing everything up, general Fengba must now find the traitor.

King Gwanggaeto the Great Conqueror Drama ( ゜ρ゜)ノ∝━━∈

How will Goguryeo deal with the war campaign without him? The Baekje vs Goguryeo final showdown King Damdeok englisu his large army are right outside of Wiryeseong. What will the Goguryeo king do now that 2 fortresses are possible targets? Download King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode 8.


You can click here to check premium member benefits. Your face is like your ass! Baekje starts the joint attack The worst of the worst will now happen.

Ko Un attacks as a Houyan Envoy A slower episode but lots of small good points. Somehow the war abruptly ends but lots of questions remain: No really no know much about this. The Houyan mass exodus Epusode northern Houyan invasion comes to an end but will the three year preparation have been all for nothing?

So either he locked up in a Khitan klng hitting prison bars with mug or he pass onto next world. You are something huh? What were the good points?

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You may have suh on your brain. One more thing, Mr Joshua “stinking ass” William, stop being so nosy, fuck off your ugly face! Maybe just check once a month? I like reading your summaries. Find that Goguryeo spy There is a spy in the Houyan palace! With constant traps, king Damdeok finds himself in constant danger on this unknown territory. Kingdom of the wind!

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King Gwanggaeto the Great – 38

Such a problem is your face!!! Just finish the whole thing then, you may proceed to another series. Skip to main content. Hi, I missed episodes 1 What else do you need to know?


Could conquering an empty fortress be a deadly mistake? Then again, how does the Houyan prince escape death? The Japanese interprets one of the verses as stating that Japan had colonised ancient Korean kingdoms.

As for the Koreans, they view the steele as a testament to their historical greatness and cultural advancement in antiquity — jerms. Yet, just when everything may seem like smooth sailing, things become more difficult for king Gwanggaeto. Download King Gwanggaeto the Great Episode 1. How can Goguryeo weaken their enemies who seemingly match well against them?

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Englixh long can the princess survive? Do you remember that big and tall rock in the theme intro? Epusode worry, think found a place to get Gwanggaeto DVD. Who does suti really like? But there lots of scattered fans from all over: The bad thing is only first 4 episodes subtitled in English and part 8 missing.

He is also called K2. The fate of traitors revealed Goguryeo captures all the traitors but will they go scott free?