On the InnoPET Blomax Series IV the stretching process in the blow stations is controlled by servomotor, increasing the precision of bottle manufacture over the mechanical cam-controlled stretching process used in previous machines. This effectively combats the forming of condensation on the entire blow mold and helps to further improve machine hygiene. Soft drinks, water, juice, beer, food, non food. The InnoPET Blomax Series IV also enables the utmost flexibility of production thanks to the fact that the stretching process in the blow stations is controlled by servo motors. Commercially available preforms Media: Options Focus lamp Brief description: Show general contact form. The KHS Group includes the following companies:

Should CCNNE expand its activities in the future and there’s plenty of room to do so on our Londonderry premises, which measure over , m2, and thus realize a rise in sales of Coca-Cola brand products in PET bottles, I could clearly see us investing in a second InnoPET Blomax Series IV, as this generation of stretch blow molders has convinced us in all respects and clearly highlighted the benefits of inline bottle production. The speed of the blow molder now perfectly adjusts itself to the specifications of the filling system. Sure, the considerable energy and material savings the InnoPET Blomax Series IV makes, helping to specifically reduce PET bottle production costs at the plant, also play a great part in the industry now rethinking its previous policies. With it, preform heating times are just about halved compared to the previous series. This made it very clear to us just how advantageous the new generation of machines is over the previous one and what a real quantum leap KHS has made with this new technology. In the downstream PH section rotation is stopped, giving the preform its selective heating profile.

Up to 48, containers per hour Convincing: Identifying with a machine like this is crucial if you want excellent performance and a long life cycle, I think. This results in cost-effective maintenance and significantly higher production times and thus better line availability.

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If the speed of the blow molder is reduced, for example if the size of bottle is switched from 0. Good to know The latest generation of our proven KHS InnoPET Blomax stretch blow moldersthe Series V, sets new standards in resource savings and considerably reduces the carbon footprint left by the production process. For example, the same operator has been responsible for the canner from day one blomad he really looks after it.


Data protection guidelines I agree. I think it’s wonderful to see how this positive attitude to the stretch blow molder has persevered unabated to the present day.

Says Palermo, “We’re seeing an increased sense of health consciousness in New England which is boosting the demand for low and zero-calorie soft drinks and water. The range of PET bottles in particular is very big, with all sizes catered for from the milliliter to the 12, 16, 20 and ounce to the 0. Based on this experience, too, I can only advise companies to invest in advance training sessions. Thursday, 08 September, Supplied by: En ide utilizamos cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

Jet Technologies has released an aseptic packaging solution designed to maximise the storage and Optimum heating profile, accustomed serids energy consumption through NIR technology. The KHS Iiv includes the following companies: This made it very clear to us just how advantageous the new generation of machines is over the previous one and what a real quantum leap KHS has made with this new technology.

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The sales area covers about 85, square miles and is home to around 4. In place of the previous passive mandrel, an active mandrel now conveys the preforms extremely gently through the heating module, passing them on to the gripper systems responsible for placing the preforms in the blow stations with just as much care.

Optimized process through standardized material distribution in the bottle; modular system which fits into all standard heater boxes on the InnoPET Blomax Series V. The heater box requires little heating energy and, when the containers are changed over, no manual conversion is needed. With it, preform heating times are just about halved compared to those needed by the Series III Blomax.

One striking feature of the machine which helps reduce energy consumption is the heater area.


With the new Double Gate heating concept DoGa based on tried-and-tested, highly efficient NIR heating technology, a consistent heating profile can be applied with extreme precision to the preforms which pass to the left and right of the heaters. Data protection guidelines I agree. In this context, the fact that the company where the first prototype of the new generation of stretch blow molders went into operation ordered a second InnoPET Blomax Series IV in has confirmed that we’re on the right track.

However, I believe the future is in producing PET bottles on site, buying the preforms from the converters. Questions about our press releases?

New InnoPET Blomax Series IV Generation of Stretch Blow Molders a Success Worldwide

Can blpmax used for special preform designs Media: This compact positioning is possible as only one half of the mold on each blow station is opened, with a toggle mechanism to open and close the blow stations. Content from other channels on our network How AI is helping Rohingya refugee health Pumped breastmilk link to chronic disease In Conversation… with Dr Anthony Rengel Treating insomnia improves back pain Health sector tops innopdt data breaches.

Questions about our press releases? Flat oval containers Media: The residual air from the blowing and recycling process is used to dry the cooled base molds.

Reduction in the number of preforms rejected through cleaning of soiled preforms and their reuse. In addition to innovative systems which save energy and cut down on the TCO and optimized features relevant to machine safety and ease of operation the new series provides you with highly energy- and cost-effective plant engineering for the manufacture of your plastic, bio-based and rPET bottles holding between 0.

Preforms designed especially for wide mouth containers. In my view there’s no better return on investment.