Video was deactivated by our moderator. The town, however, being on a route, could not prosper and remained deserted until Jhanda Khan, another Gakhar Chief, restored it. Ancient Egyptian temples were also of significance to Egyptian society 7. Specialized stations, such as police stations in Latin America. Between and , the territories of the states were politically integrated into the Indian Union. The Bhargavastra was his personal celestial weapon, Parashurama also fought back the advancing seas to save the lands of Konkan and Kerala.

Following market-based economic reforms in , India became one of the major economies and is considered a newly industrialised country. It was the capital of the Kapurthala State, a state in British India. The gate of Paharwala Fort. Nagaland was formed on 1 December , the Punjab Reorganisation Act of resulted in the creation of Haryana on 1 November and the transfer of the northern districts of Punjab to Himachal Pradesh. After years of penances, Shiva was pleased with Parashuramas devotion, Shiva ordered Parashurama to slay the Daityas and Danavas who were the enemies of the Devas, to which the latter agreed 8. Some jurisdictions permit the registration of the vehicle with personal plates, in some jurisdictions, plates require periodic replacement, often associated with a design change of the plate itself.

Sometimes, the plate frames contain advertisements inserted by the service centre or the dealership from which the vehicle was purchased. Alternately, the government will merely assign plate numbers, and it is the owners responsibility to find an approved private supplier to make a plate with that number.

Its construction was commissioned by the last ruler of Kapurthala, Maharajah Jagatjit Singh and it was then consecrated in the presence of the late Nawab of Bhawalpur. All All 0 Dislike 0. After years of penances, Shiva was pleased with Parashuramas pjnjabi, Shiva ordered Parashurama to slay the Daityas and Danavas who were the enemies of the Devas, to which the latter agreed. They include the structures called stupa, wat and pagoda in different regions, Temples in Buddhism represent the pure land or pure environment of a Buddha.

These include Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism among religions with many modern followers, the form and function of temples is thus very variable, though metih are often considered by believers to be in some sense the house of one or more deities. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

Barracks are used for many American state police and highway patrol stations, detachment for local facilities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ontario Provincial Police.

Punjab listen is fulp state in northern India. The city became part of the British Raj in and in became the largest garrison town for the British Indian Army, after the partition of India inthe city became home to the headquarters of Pakistan Army hence retaining its status as a major military city.



Darbar of Maharaja Fukl Singh, showing people of all religions. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The Sainik School, formerly known as Jagatjit Palace, is housed in what was formerly the palace of the erstwhile Maharajah of Kapurthala state, the palace building has a spectacular architecture based on the Palace of Versailles and Fontainebleau spread over a total area of acres. Illustration of Chitrardha style of art work in a Hindu temple.

Cooch Behar from Imperial Gazetteer.

Vehicle registration plate — A vehicle registration plate, also known as a number plate or a license plate, is metal or plastic plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. Shiva personally trained Parashurama for decades in the art of warfare. Thus, it is illegal for private citizens to make and affix their own plates.

Parashurama, a Brahmin, received his famous axe after undertaking terrible penance to please Shiva, Parashurama is most known for ridding the world of kshatriyas twenty-one times over after the mighty king Kartavirya Arjuna, not the famous one of Mahabharata, killed his father.

Video file is corrupt and is not playable. Its Durbar Hall is one of the finest in India and the Plaster of Paris figures and painted ceilings represent the finest features of French and Italian art and architecture.

Punjabi Hindus can trace their roots from the time of the Vedas, many modern day cities in Indian Punjab and Pakistani Punjab are still named from mthi period like Lahore, Jalandhar, Chandigarh and so on.

Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. The material remains found at the site prove the existence of a Buddhist establishment contemporary to Taxila, according to the Guinness Fuol of World Records, the nearby town of Taxila is home to the worlds oldest university – Takshashila University.

The Vedic Civilization spread along the length of the Sarasvati River to cover most of northern India including Punjab and this civilisation shaped subsequent cultures in the Indian subcontinent.

Its culture combines Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Sikh and British influences, the regions of Azad Kashmir and Jammu have also been historically associated with the Punjab. It is known to be a royal state. The Laccadive Islands which were divided between South Canara and Malabar districts of Madras State were united and organised into the territory of Lakshadweep. The Indian subcontinent has been ruled by different ethnic groups throughout its history.


Paintings at the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra6th century. It is the seventh-largest country by xtage, the second-most populous country, and it is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal dramx the southeast.

Richika and his wife khati him and Parashurama stayed with them for a few months, serving them, curious about his ancestors, Parashurama went to the hermitage of Richikas father Aurva and a few months later, he went to Aurvas father, Chyavana. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

Tags khatti methi namkeen full punjabi stage drama. The city received a major boost with the start of the construction of Islamabad in which saw greater investment, the city is also a major transit point due to presence on the Grand Trunk Road and presence of Benazir Airport and the under-construction Liaquat Airport. Local police stations were grouped together under the command of a uniformed Sergeant, in Scotland a Police Station may be referred to as a Police Office 5.


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The Bhargavastra was his personal celestial weapon, Parashurama also fought back the advancing seas to save the dgama of Konkan and Kerala. The gate of Paharwala Fort. The word Rawalpindi consists of two Punjabi words, Rawal, and Pindi, Rawal translates to lake in Punjabi, and Pind translates to village.

Lord Shiva was pleased with this, and appeared before him, Parashurama expressed his desire to obtain celestial weapons and skills in warfare from the God. Parashurama was devoted to them and they too gave khhatti knowledge, many months later, Chyavana told Parashurama to meet his own father, Sage Bhrigu, the very progenitor of the Bhargava race himself. In some jurisdictions, plates will be assigned to that particular vehicle for its lifetime.

The act also designated Chandigarh as a territory and the shared capital of Punjab. A gods presence in the temple linked the human and divine realms and these rituals, it was believed, sustained the god and allowed it to continue to play its proper role in nature. The most common sites are those near water bodies, embedded in nature, such as the above at Badami, Karnataka.