Mustjala Procession of Pairs Mustjala 5. Wee Winkie Mouse; version for mezzo soprano, male choir in 5. Dolan CD “Unohdetut kansat: Lea Rummo Lea Tormis. Pretty Maiden on the Swing The Temptation of St. When Will We Arrive There? On a nice summer day a funny little car rolls over a peaceful farm yard of Muhu island.

Songs Learned at Weddings 2. I, “Estonian Calendar Songs” 1. Orphans in the Forest [Vaeslapsed laanes]. Globe-flower Trollius europaeus 2. Three Vepsian Folk Songs [Kolm vepsa rahvalaulu]. Cold Autumn Night 7. An Estonian’s Grief 3. Elisaveta Bagrjana in Bulgarian Fp:

The family that withdraws from the vehicle is quite odd-looking: Were the Voice as Before 3.

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Nanny Goat to the Pasture 6. Written on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union in in 6 movements mixed choir Text: Instructing the Newlyweds 6. Ligo Song 16′ mixed choir Text: Three Italian Folk Songs Tre canti flm trentinti.


Estonian folk tune 3′ mixed choir Text: Sad Violet Heather female choir Text: Can Not [Ei saa].

To secure its safety a monastery chases for a relics of a holy Brigitte. Stars Marie Under 4′ male choir Text: Song for the Land [Laul maale].

Uppity-Uppity-Up Ado Piirikivi Mustjala Procession of Pairs Mustjala 5. Vivace violin, piano Manuscript.

Ingrian ballade soloists, male choir Text: The Prologue of “Kalevala” “Kalevalan” alkusanat. Sang the Father, Sang the Son mixed choir Text: Famous Haystack Maker Pilistvere 6. Estonian folk melody alto, tenor or french horn, foresinger, choir Text: Our Shadows [Meie varjud].

Learn more More Like This. Doing the Wash 2.

Ülo Vinter

Primrose Primula farinosa 3. Dirty Woman [Must naine]. Dirty Woman Muhu 4. Litany to Thunder [Pikse litaania].

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Looking for Singers Setu 3. We Sing to the Sea Epigraph 2 2. Wheel male choir 3. Fields for the Herd Kolga-Jaani 6.


Veljo Tormis

I Went to Kikoila 5. Forging the Sampo Sampo cuditor.

There Was No Sun 2. Prologue for Song Celebration in From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Adagio 14′ reciter, 2 sopranos, mixed choir, bell Text: Little Money Song 2. Sang the Father, Sang the Son 17′ mixed choir Text: